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    Like creating personnal websites for my friends, and other creations. Like Heliohost very much and the peoples that administrate it. I'm helping some time some peoples or/and company's. I have created some free pdf guides about some softwares. Examples: Sylvain Futurepinball free pdf guide. Sylvain Milkshape3d free pdf guide. Sylvain Mamewah free pdf guide.

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  1. Thank's Nocratri for giving me some look of Plesk. I wonder if there is a webmail section in "tools and settings" or maybe in "users". The Plesk environment seem nice, gonna take some time for my self to adapt to the environment. Once again thank's. A+
  2. I think it is appropriate to ask the question here, since this category is for asking a question; and is related to heliohost. I'm not on plesk yet, just waiting the ETA. But i think it is fine to ask this question here not only for my self but for other peoples. The question is simply that i wonder, how it goes on Plesk? Possibly peoples that are already on Plesk could answer. I'm just curious, and peoples as my self that are not at the time on Plesk; might also wonder how it goes? This beside indicating what you think about Plesk, could help the admins and moderators to know; what/how you think that Plesk is. I think it is some legit question to ask, and do hope that it respect the forum? Thank's for your reply. A+
  3. I hope that when i'll be on Plesk, that also i could have a "https" that auto update and nothing that i have to do. My rank in the list of transfers is near of 350, i'm curious what would look like the Plesk environment; i wonder if it will look like cpanel when login? Thank's for your great work. A+
  4. Its quite puzzling for my brain. Could you please elaborate. Thanks.
  5. Thank's for your great work. I am more than 500 in the list. Gonna check my ETA from time to time and my email. I just hope to keep my url, keep my files for the peoples as my self that goes on my free personnal website? I also wonder if i'll have the same amount of space on plesk or bigger? I think that i might not be the only person that want to keep his/her url and amout of space. At leass writing you, you know that i still am with you, and still want to stay with you. Once again thanks all for your great work. 👍
  6. For me i would stay "temporary" on Cpanel. Just because i want that fiew month's of users being on Plesk, would indicate to me some (stability) on Plesk for users. Then i think it would be good to be on this new environment of Plesk. If you want to copy my hole website, and put it on Plesk "for testing not already transfering my account". So you can experiment this new platform of Plesk with a copy of my website. Like that you could try the contact form with captcha, my different news section that auto-update, my free web search engine, the scripts of the pages; brief the many things i have put. When i say you can copy, i mean the administrators and moderators of Heliohost only. But as told what is important for my self, is simply to keep my heliohost url for my self; and peoples that visit my free personnal website. Many years have passed since i have been on Heliohost. All of you that helped me with this old contact form with captcha, with my free web search engine and many more things you have done for me. Many thank's to all of you for your good intentions and help trough the years. I know that some of you find my self not necessary to give my sincere thank's. It's always important for my self to give my appreciations and thanks, because in life there are peoples that dont say simply "thanks". I dont want to be one of these peoples. I never know when one day i could d ie of cancer or something else. I just want to be remember as a person that wanted good things for peoples and have done good things to the peoples. I hope that my many suggestions for Plesk environment is a good idea? Just thinking for the goodness of the users. A+
  7. Hope that everythings gonna be all right for you Krydos. Hope that all things will be ok also for the rest of the peoples. What i might suggest is for testing on Plesk. That you copy some users account and paste it on Plesk, doing so you could figure out if there are some errors, also do some comparing of cpanel and plesk.
  8. I dont know anythings about Flask, Java, Django, python, php, lua, c++, visual basic, etc. So i think i cannot vote. I dont know many things, but simply create some webpages with some webpage editor. If it's feature that i think would be nice on Plesk, there are things that i would like. First of course is that i still keep my url http://sylvain.heliohost.org for the peoples that goes to my free personnal website. What would be good also is to have back a free auto-updating https:// (secure) ssl certificate, i think that many peoples would like to have this feature. What i think would be also good on Plesk is different PHP versions. For different formula, as search formula, contact form with captcha, etc. Of course the possibility to have old and new html versions. Other feature i think is to have like Heliohost (no advertisers as popups or banners) except if the users want to. To keep the Heliohost Server Monitor "grd" if possible. The possibility to create easy a 404 error page. Good also to have e-mail creation accounts as on cPanel to send and receive messages. This with the possibility to create some email as noreply@XYZaccountHeliohost that the user choose if (can send and not receive email) to a created account. This for making the user on Heliohost can send messages and autoblock and autodestroy all messages received (so no one can send anythings and cannot reply back) because of virus/spams. An other possibility would be nice on Plesk is that the created email account wanted is that "autoblock and autodestroy" messages that have "any" attachement (virus/etc.) so can receive only text messages and no attachements, no images, etc. Can check from a webbrowser the possibility to go check the e-mail messages, to read, to write, to delete (empty bin) without having the need to access the hosting space; like SquirrelMail, RoundUpMail, etc. Probably also MySql for peoples that have items to sell. Bandwith meters, hosting meters and different stats meters for user that want to collect data. Have the possibility to have also on Plesk like Java and CSS. Some FTP and SFTP would be nice. Maybe also Python would be nice. An other thing that maybe would be nice is maybe Lua on Plesk, because i notice that more and more peoples like Lua script. It's the things i think about, possibly gonna have later ideas for Plesk. But as told there is many things i dont know, i still wander how will work Plesk; and if it will be easy and simple for beginners as my self. One thing for sure i like very much the admins, moderators and peoples that helped me trough time. For my personnal free website. It's been more then 10 years i'm with Heliohost, i am still glad to be with you and still want to be with you. Thank's very much for keeping my url and keeping my free personnal website. Yes, i wander how would look Plesk; and if it will be easy? A+
  9. sylvain


    DeborahErwin I dont think there is a problem for you, for puttig your website URL; with a clickable link. This as long as it respect the Helionet regulations. example: http://sylvain.heliohost.org
  10. sylvain

    Plesk ETA

    Thank's for all your work Krydos. I know that you do what you can. Also that i understand that you have your ways of life, me also i have my ways of life. Dont give yourself too much pressure. You are a nice person. Well at leass writing you, you know that i'm still with Heliohost. Thank's for keeping my url and website. A+
  11. sylvain

    Plesk ETA

    Krydos i hope that your family and you are all right? There might be peoples that dont understand why it take so long. It's normal, you have your ways of life also. Me also i have my ways of life. Also that soon i should have an ECG (electro-cardio-gramme) to see if my heart is strong enough for an operation that i should have at the hospital, this beside that they will take some blood samples to see my health state for the operation. I know that you guys are doing what you can. I'm still with you as you can notice, this just by writing you. Thank's for keeping my url of my website for my self and the peoples that go to my free personnal website. I appreciate very much you know!? I still try to figure out by sftp, how to see simply if peoples write me text (where to go) and how to read messages if there is for me? Also like i say sometimes "joking". It's important to be nice to every ones. Specially if one day you #Krydos or other win very big money at the lottery. We are good friends Krydos you and i!? Lolll. Cheers! Thank's for all of you! sylvain.heliohost.org A+
  12. Is there are peoples in the province of Quebec into Canada, that have free informations and experiences with knowledges about the software Scribus 1.4.8 to create books and guides that is printable. Why Quebec, because i would like to have the knowledges to write an accepted manuscript. Like informations about the images size and quality? What is the police fonts that are accepted, what is the size of the police fonts to write? How to create a front and back cover of the book? What way to know or calculate that X amount of pages, what thickness of the book it does. There is so many informations to know. Is there other free legal software that can be use to create books. If you have informations about selling only in Quebec (because of the tax and finance declarations to be legal in my province). Brief what ever informations you have that you can share free would be great. Thank's for your time and help.
  13. You also are from long time ago, that's great! My self also i love Heliohost as the peoples that administrate it. A+
  14. I know that you are doing what you can with Plesk. At leass by writing you, you know that i'm still with you guys; thank's for keeping my personnal free website. Thank's for all. A+
  15. sylvain

    Plesk ETA

    Keep continuing the great work, thank's for keeping my free personnal website active. Writing you as you can see, make you notice that i stay with you. I do think that it will be soon 11 years i'm with you. You are great peoples. http://sylvain.heliohost.org A+
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