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    Plesk ETA

    Keep continuing the great work, thank's for keeping my free personnal website active. Writing you as you can see, make you notice that i stay with you. I do think that it will be soon 11 years i'm with you. You are great peoples. http://sylvain.heliohost.org A+
  2. sylvain

    Waiting Plesk

    Keep the good work guys, i'm still with you. A+
  3. Hi there i wonder when i'll be from Tommy to Plesk? It's been quite a while, and i wonder when i can login into Heliohost, then see the new Plesk menus panels (cpanel look and use i wonder?). Well i'm glad to still be with you and that you keep my free website. At leass you know by writing you, that i want to stay with you; as i have did for more then 10 years. Thank's for your services, your time and for your answers. sylvain.heliohost.org A+
  4. sylvain

    Johnny Move

    I still did not received an invitation for Plesk. So i guess you admins and moderators must be real busy, but i know that you are doing your best as you can. I can say because it's more then 10 years i'm with Heliohost. But i can understand peoples that want things to speed up. Your great peoples for me, you always have been. Keep the good work. A+
  5. So i think we are rare peoples then, that are here for more then 10 years. I'm glad to still be with you and that my free personal website sylvain.heliohost.org is still here. I still have not received some plesk invitation, i guess there must be many things that the admins must do before? I wonder how things are going with plesk, i'm probably not the only one who wonder? Beside that just to give to the peoples, that simply want some news from me. Well i'm trying an other software called Nicepage. It's a software to create some webpages, but you must be online to create the pages. This because if you want to put some elements on the page, the elements "data" that you want to put on the pages need to be downloaded. I do some page creations experiments with it, this to create an other free guide(s) but about this software. I have as they say "the green light" from them to do printscreens images to put in the pages of an other none-official guide(s). The Nicepage company also know that my intentions are good. I do no money at all and not intented to, as said my website is simply a basic ordinary free website for my friends and other peoples. A+
  6. Yup i do agree www.speedtest.net is a very good site to test your speed. There is also the free software BitMeter II (2), that is a small soft that calculate your upload and download time. It can also do some calculations about the hours you use most your internet bandwith, even the dates you have used and give you many data about it. You can find it at: https://codebox.net/pages/bitmeter2 Hope the infos help? A+
  7. Yup i was wandering if iam the only one that is with Heliohost for more then 10 years. I have think it might be interesting for peoples to know who is with them for such a long time. A+
  8. I understand. But think it would be good for peoples, what could maybe pay them is to show some advertisers banner; something like that. I do agree Heliohost is the "best", more then 10 years i'm with you. I real like you and appreciate you guys sincerely. It sad i think i cant access to my webmail with my browser, because there was peoples that suggested to me free legal softwares; that i could check and maybe put a link to it in my free software sections. Your the best. A+
  9. Well google drive have some limitations. First peoples are limited to 15Go free for multiple services, that is up to 15gig. If you want to have more then the user must pay each month, or by year. Here is a website that mention fiew online storage (dont know if it's good)?: https://www.guru99.com/free-cloud-storage.html But for peoples that want to archive news, like some events that has happened, the promiss of politicians, and many more. Like if peoples want to archive news about politician or events. Like the covid-19 event things. Like this person had won this olympic medal. It could be historical places that is destroyed, so the next generations that come in the future could see images (like instantstreetview) that this place existed at that place trough time. There is so many things. It could be this politician had make this and that promiss at that date, to see if some politicians trough history had changed there ideas or have kept there promiss. What things had changed trough time into the citizen of this city in this country. There is all sort of possibilities. Me i do think i have taken printscreens of Instantstreetview, of a bingo place that many peoples played into; that is destroyed and cleaned. So like that the generations that come could know there was a bingo place at this and it look as the images shown. Or maybe take images of newspaper of what is said by politicians that is dated, then what is done and not done trough time; if the situations have gotten worst or better. Brief many informations trough time. It might help citizen or journalist or historian saying this person had said this at this place, this time, this date, on this social medium for the interrest of peoples. Maybe trough time peoples could create some movies, or books of some stories of the past. A+
  10. Hi there I have a question that i wonder and that peoples on the street i have heard asked. Is there some place where peoples can put data files online to save and share with all, that can be many documents as video files, pdf files, images files, audio files; that it can be stored for ever and not taken out? This not taken out by some politics, laws or destroyed. Just kept for the years to come to remember good things or bad things, like politicians, weather, journalists, etc. I'm not making any discriminations or accusations at all. There is many peoples i have heard, that would like to archive files (no nudd), about the things politician says, journalist says, newspaper says, all sort of events. That can be used and shared for journalist, historian, archives. Some kind of history database of all sort of things for citizens? That is kept and not erased or censured, no adult nudd content at all. Thank's for your time and help. I'm asking this not only for me, but for peoples i have heard on the street; that would like to become journalist or historians this type of documents. A+
  11. Wolstech please correct me if my understanding is wrong. You have writen: The certificate is expired because autossl no longer works without cpanel. There is no way for a user to install a new cert at this time, so the best solution would be to remove any forced SSL redirect you may have and allow plain HTTP until plesk is up and running. If you have such a redirect in your .htaccess file, you can edit the file via SFTP to remove it. Also you have mentionned the file "htaccess", when i open it with "Notepad++" i dont see any codes about redirecting. I have checked all the files named "htaccess" and there is only one that has the codes: # php -- BEGIN cPanel-generated handler, do not edit # Set the “ea-php56” package as the default “PHP” programming language. <IfModule mime_module> AddHandler application/x-httpd-ea-php56 .php .php5 .phtml </IfModule> # php -- END cPanel-generated handler, do not edit Does this mean that i only have to "delete" all the files and folders that is into the folder "ssl"?? Then everything going to be all right, that it will return https to http automaticly? I dont want to make any errors or cause problems. Server knowledges, i have none. Thank's for your time and help. A+
  12. Looking and have found: I think then ZeroSSL might be not correct for me, because of the limitations. Think gonna go check FreeSSL.org
  13. If it is limited this ssl and time limit, then i would prefere that it is http simply rather then https. Still hope that Plesk will be fine and always free a https. A+
  14. I have gone to the website of Zerossl.com then i have writen: sylvain.heliohost.org and entered my e-mail. Then the website have givin me a txt file that on there site indicated to put it into: /public_html/.well-known/pki-validation that's what i did, then the website checked that the txt file have the same file name. To conclude that it is ok that it's my website. After it have givin me a certificate zip file with files into. From it i dont know what to do next? But if Krydos check the: /public_html/.well-known/pki-validation he should then notice the fiew things i have put into the folder. Cant access to my cpanel trough heliohost, so dont know what to do. I just hope that this Zerossl is safe and not some bad "backdoor"? Also that it is free as there website said, and that when the 90 days is off; that i can renew again and again without having to pay? I have difficulties to understand terms and agreements, because i have difficulties to understand many things. Looking some youtbe video about free lifetime ssl, many point out to Cloudflare, something as that as i remember. My website is only a personnal free website. Thank's for your time and help. A+
  15. I dont know how to do it. I do think there is some admin or moderator that for me that have changed before the normal http to https. I wonder at what line of the htaccess file, i dont have server knowledges. The file htaccess that i have downloaded in july of this year is writen: # php -- BEGIN cPanel-generated handler, do not edit # Set the “ea-php56” package as the default “PHP” programming language. <IfModule mime_module> AddHandler application/x-httpd-ea-php56 .php .php5 .phtml </IfModule> # php -- END cPanel-generated handler, do not edit I dont know what it mean at all?? I also see it is writen "do not edit". It is not me that have did this, so i think it is some admin or moderator that have done it for me, without me knowing it. But was glad was made because of the https and not http. So with no server knowledges and affraid to cause problems, could you please take a look at it? Thanks for your time and help. A+
  16. Hi there i have notice and friends of mine have notice that contacted me; that when wanting to go to my website, they see a security risk message. They as i go on my website at: https://sylvain.heliohost.org I'm not an expert but i think it might be the expiration date of the http(s) certificate? That expired the 6 sept 2021. Could you please fix it, i dont know anythings about it; i just have basic knowledges about creating basic pages. I still wait for the plesk invitation before login, well at leass you know that i want to keep alive, not suspended and online my website. Note that i am on Tommy. Thank's for your time and help. Sylvain A+
  17. Thank's for your reply. I'll just have to wait. A+
  18. I still have not received an invitation for plesk in my e-mail. At leass i'm glad that you keep my account active for peoples that goes on my free personnal website https://sylvain.heliohost.org. You know also by writing that i am still with you, and want to stay with you; as i have been for more then 10 years. I just hope everything gonna be just fine, so that i can know when i can log in? Because i have not received a message indicating me that i can log in, i do think there is many accounts and work to do for you; and for all the transfer things. I dont know nothing about how the things work, just have some basic knowledges to create some webpages. If it was not from your help "admins and moderators" my free website would be nothing. There is also i do think that members have helped me trough the years giving me indications. It's always important for me, to tell you my sincere appreciations and thank's to all of you. Best thank's to all of you sincerely!
  19. Keep continuing the great work! I think it should take time before i have an invitation. At leas if the transfer is done smoothly that's fine, glad that i still have https://sylvain.heliohost.org . At leas i'm happy to not have been suspended, i just wait before login and because of plesk. Well you know by writing that i follow when i can, and still want to stay with you. I real like you guys and appreciate you so much! I understand the time it can take for the transfer of my free personal website, also it's normal that recent donors are transfer first. Once again thank's for all. A+
  20. That's great, keep on going the new great work 👌 ! When all things will be done, i wonder how plesk and it's options will work? Thank's for keeping my domain name: https://sylvain.heliohost.org , for staying it online and active; because i have not login yet (thinking better to wait to login) because of the maintenance. Thank's again also for the peoples that go onto my personnal free website. At leas you know that i would not like that my account is suspended. Yup more then 10 years i'm with you, i can say that your the "best" and i quote it with proud 😃. I really like you guys! A+
  21. Thank's for all guys. I just hope that with Plesk, that the contact me (text only) page php form, will have again some captcha. Because dont want any files of any types (just plain text) and no spams. That the text message from the user, will only send plain text using the contact captcha form page; that when the user click send then the text message goes in my online account, i can read the messages using online like on cpanel Squirrel or something as that. Also if i reply then use an other email to send my message, but that when the person receive the e-mail; that the user cant send things back. Some kind as i did with the help of peoples a "One Way Only" to receive the plain text message, only trough the contact form with captcha. Then from my accound send the message but "One Way Only" from an other email created, so that the user can read my message from me; but if he/she reply to my "send" message cant send anythings to me. Brief must only use the contact captcha form to send me plain text message. Because i dont want any spams, any files, any trash, any auto-robots-messages. Also i have read story's online of peoples, because it was not a "One Way Only" that some peoples have received big junks; even some junks that might have caused problems to the servers and hosting. Once again thank's for all guys. A+
  22. I have been a donor, but i think it was last year or even before that. So i understand peoples that is recent donors and peoples that have donated big. I just hope that i'll have the same domain name: https://sylvain.heliohost.org ? I'm on Tommy also. Hope that the webspace hosting i have will be the same when transfered on Plesk? Brief the many options of the cpanel, but with Plesk? Thank's for keeping my free personnal website online, some friends of mine have suggested to me other free stuff; but i must change fiew things as links that are not good anymore because too old. But i dont do nothing for now, because of the changes from cpanel to plesk. Just gonna check when i'll have the time. Thank's for all, your great! A+
  23. Well i just have done a web search to where to post my question. Because i think of the amount of posting that many peoples did and had done. Putting a new post, is a new post that is added to the other post. So i simply think (but i am not perfect) that it might be good to add the question to an old post; but it seem that i am wrong. Sorry about that. There is many things i have to learn, there is many things that i forgot, there is many things that take me time to learn and understand. One thing for sure i do appreciate very much all of you, for your help, for your time and for your understandings. I hope that with Plesk that the transitions will be fine for all peoples and for all things? Thank's for your time. A+
  24. Hi i would like to use my browser to access to my webmail of heliohost. I have tryed: http://tommy.heliohost.org:2095/ , https://tommy.heliohost.org:2095 , since i'm on the server Tommy. So seing the url with Johnny, it seem logical for me to change it to Tommy. The idea is simply go to a webpage "webmail" that it have the boxes to login as "username" and "password", then a (enter button). Also that the user choose if use the interface maybe: (squirrel mail or other). Is it possible, so i could check if there is fiew peoples that may have writen me? Thank's for your time and help.
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