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  1. Not in the cPanel, but in the site yes...
  2. As I said, I still have this problem... It seems my account no longer exists... I tried running status and renewal scripts but they can't find any matching record in the DB... What's going on?
  3. Can't even login in the cPanel. It says my username is not found...
  4. I think I'm on stevie...
  5. I'm not posting in account suspended/queued section because I'm not sure it's my problem. However, when I try to go to my webpage I get a DNS error. What's going on? Trying to access the page through the ip address doesn't solve the issue. My account name is pscitl and my domain was: psi.heliohost.org
  6. Sorry for this, didn't know you changed the reactivation method.... !
  7. Again, my account has been suspended, can I know why? Is it possible to activate it again? the URL is: http://psi.heliohost.org/j4cn9/
  8. Thank you for the support, my site now is working fine, the cpanel login does too.
  9. Well, I got my pass reset, but no confirmation mail received, is there any way to access my account again?
  10. username: pscitl domain: psi.heliohost.org I think I accessed a month ago!
  11. It's since today morning I can't access my website. If I try accessing it I get a MySQL Error, it's like I don't have the permission to access the database. General Error SQL ERROR [ mysql4 ] Access denied for user 'pscitl_phpb1'@'localhost' (using password: YES) [1045] An sql error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact an administrator if this problem persists. Neither cPanel is accessible with my id and pass, I get "login failed" I tryied resetting my password ( of cPanel ) but I received no email... What's going on?
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