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  1. azseniorservices.com mender tommy Hi I'm trying to fix the SSL problem on my web site I cant get ftp to work. I used port 21, is that wrong? what port should I use? I'm using FileZilla and of course it says it cant verify SSLCertificate, now I think I tried too many times. My mails still not working, i have a work around, but I really need to fix the SSL ... How is the Plesk xfer going? - Just looking for status, I know you all have been working real hard -Many Many Thank Yous! I donated a couple times last year, will do again soon, I promise! Your help with this greatly appreciated!
  2. I'm not sure what happened. I usually check on this once or twice a month. User name : mender Host: Tommy 2082 Domain: www.azseniorservices.com --- and---- azseniorservices.com I could not find the rebuild script either. We donate annually. Your help with this is greatly appreciated Gloria iammender@gmail.com
  3. User: iammende Server: Tommy Domain: www.azseniorservices.com, azseniorservices.com Hello, I'm not sure what is going on, it's been a few months now, I was told to wait till Tommy was rebuilt. Looks like it is now, but I still cant log on to Cpanel. My admin email is iammender@gmail.com. Please please please can we get this web site back online? - And yes I donated - but that was months ago, just before the Tommy went away. Please help, or let me know what else I can /should do.... Thank You!
  4. Wooo Hoooo !!! I will wait then! No problem! Thank You Thank You Ye Olde Admin Gods! Heliohost Rocks!
  5. Hi, Can I safely wait for Tommy now - or should I request an xfer to Rickie? If it looks like poor Tommy is still "on the mend" then may I ask for a Rickie invite? I am the Admin for : azseniorservices.com id: iammende My client is super patient but she really needs to be back online soon. I think too, I will need a reset as I am also late for my monthly login check in I donated $10 via GoFundme for Tommy - the paypal transaction ID was 5F275003X32777454 on May 2, 2019 I have downloaded my backup. Please let me know what you advise - I'll keep an eye o the forum and my email
  6. Hello, Looks like Tommy is making progress. Cpanel shows log in page again, but I cannot log in yet to upload. The Server Status page on Heliohost.org still requests us to download the backups while Tommy is doing maintenance. Do I need now to request a manual re-create of my account? user: iammende server; Tommy web site : www.azseniorservices.com email: iammender@gmail.com Thank you Admins and Moderators for all that hard work! - Looking forward to that uptime! As always you folks are amazing!
  7. Hi, Had domain azseniorservices.com www.azseniorsevices.com on Stevie old user was azsharon. The Domain is registered with GoDaddy Moved everything over to Tommy with new user name iammende and added zeroSSL. Everything was working. Now either www.az=== or azseniorservices does not resolve??? Either not found 404 or DNS not found errors. Does the old IP need to be moved from Stevie? Thank You for your help! User iammende azseniorservices.com www.azseniorservices.com
  8. Worked like a champ! Great directions! Right now ZeroSSL is throwing errors - just keep trying - if you hit what ever the "try" limit is just start over like I did. Count this one as "Closed"
  9. I will try the "Installing an SSL Certificate on Tommy using ZeroSSl" method at : http://www.helionet.org/index/topic/26914-ssh-on-tommy/ and Wiki: http://wiki.helionet.org/Installing_an_SSL_Certificate_on_Tommy_with_ZeroSSL#Step_one:_Obtain_Key_and_CSR_from_ZeroSSL Excellent doc there from both of you !!! Thank You Thank You
  10. Gurph Had trouble logging in to Cpanel....It's good now. My bad I used a different browser. Yes tried my CRT and it has expired. It was Comodo cert. Are there any alternative SSL Certs that Heliohost offers now?? I'm all for single source from you you folks if you offer it!
  11. Hope you folks don't mind a smiley now and then...You deserve it!!! I can; imagine the work load you endured for this server transfer Well Done Well Done Well Done!! Many Thanks to All the Admins ans Techs!!
  12. Thank You Byron, Woltsech and Krydos!!!! The second method worked like a champ!!!
  13. Just sent in a request to transfer ip address from Stevie to Tommy, so in this case - without Stevie IP, what IP address/Port would I input with using...Filezilla? (I uploaded the minimum website via Cpanel File Manger ..so I am just asking out of curiosity) Thanks, Gloria iammende www.azseniorservices.com Tommy
  14. Hi, I think I have uploaded everything from Stevie backup to Tommy that is needed including Krydos folder for SSL Certificate, Krydos can you please transfer the dedicated IP/ SSL to Tommy ? domain www.azseniorservices.co / azseniorservices.com user iammende server Tommy Many Thanks, Gloria
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