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  1. @mrj - the crypto addresses can be found here: https://www.heliohost.org/donate/
  2. @robev, you can backup by using ssh, zip the folder and transfer the files. You can then generate a mysql (.sql file) dump using phpmyadmin, and import it to Plesk's mysql. Alternatively, you can use any wordpress extension to transfer the website as well
  3. @david1pl you can login at https://tommy2.heliohost.org/
  4. The steps to access your VPN has been sent to your email
  5. Hi - We were deleting and recreating your VPS. It is done now and the credentials have been emailed to you
  6. The VPS has been shutdown. Thanks for using HelioHost VPS. You may need to cancel the recurring subscription from PayPal if it is still on.
  7. Hi, We have already sent you an email with instructions on your @icloud email address, could you please check? I will send another email just in case you didn't receive the first one
  8. yashrs

    vps passwd

    Hi - I did not understand your exact issue. You should be able to login using the VPS credentials that you entered during the signup. Please describe the issue in more detail for us to understand and address it
  9. Yup. You can opt for a wildcard certificate as well if you have many subdomains
  10. The DNS entry has been setup => vps67.heliohost.us now points to your VPS IP. Yup it can automate Lets Encrypt certificates as well. But as you already have setup Apache and Let's Encrypt, it should be good to go! Regarding pointing another domain to your VPS, just create an A record on the domain (say abcd.com) by going to their domain control panel (like GoDaddy) to Then you'll need to add a VirtualHost in Apache corresponding to that domain.
  11. Hi @ballagyrm, We will add an A record to vps67.heliohost.us soon, it was a miss from my end - that's why it is not responding to ping. We usually add the A record before sending the VPS email itself. Regarding hosting, the VPS comes with only a fresh OS installed. To use, Apacha/Nginx you will have to install them manually and configure them or you can use a free control panel software like HestiaCP on your VPS.
  12. This is done. Please check your email @yoreparo
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