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  1. Yeah, cept for the fact I didn't back up anything.
  2. Cept for the fact I can't get into www.etronicgaming.net nor cpanel.
  3. No the user etgjosh was to put it back on etronicgaming.net because I wanted to renew my old etronicgaming.net I had (with the username etronic) which didn't work and wouldn't let me renew. So can you reactivate the account with etronic and delete etgjosh? I want my old site back. ALSO: Can I change it to an ad account please?
  4. Dear josh, Your hosting account at HelioHost has been suspended. If you do not renew your hosting suscription within fifteen days, your account will be permanently deleted. This is your final warning. Regards, HelioHost Staff I got that email today. Well I went in and bought another month of hosting, and tried to renew it, but my "name" wasn't in the database. So what do I do? I make a new account using the same username I used to use. And it created it, but didn't overwrite the old account. I guess it's because I was on the old server with etronicgaming.net being a year old now. So can I have my hosting renewed on my old account for etronicgaming.net username: etronic ? Thanks. I don't want it to be deleted because I renewed my hosting and it denied it. -Josh
  5. I myself (not being gay) no offense, but I'm a big homophobe. Not saying I hate you or gay people for the matter, but I strongly dislike that idea. Being a Christian, I refer to knowing God created man and women to be together, and that is how I'm going to follow. However, I see no problem with it if that's your belief, but I'd rather not here people talk about gay pride and stuff. For example, our school has a Gay-Straight Alliance club which I am against because one of the facts is they get a silence day where they basically don't have to speak, and the teachers can't do anything about it, and it just isn't fair to the rest. I have other views on this as well, but I might as well keep my mouth shut. With all due respect, Josh
  6. 'cept for zelda and SSBM. Those are the only reasons I want the wii. But other than that, I'd go for xbox 360 so I can play halo 3. =)
  7. So is this "Firefox is to Internet Explorer" as "OpenOffice is to MicroSoft Office" ?
  8. I dunno, but I seem to have this problem too. Because I sure know that I get rarely any users from my site... but for some reason it says I have used 196 some mb of bandwidth. Odd...
  9. How about give all your helions to me contest. I'm full support for it =P
  10. I wish I was from Australia. But no, I'm stuck in here in good ol' US of America. =)
  11. Internet Explorer sucks hands down. You go for Internet Explorer you are basically screwed then. Don't complain about viruses, because IE will give all you ever need. Firefox prevents these things, it's a way faster browser, easier to use and navigate, is cleaner, more efficient, more useful extensions, better quality, skinable, correctly displays css according to standards, and just more that IE can't handle. And why is that? Because Microsoft has stated that they won't listen to our suggestions on supporting standards, because we should be supporting them in standards, not the other way around. Basically they want web-developers to make sites that work for them, rather than them make a browser that works for our coding. Well too bad, you lost Internet Explorer. And one day you will finally cease to exist. Because everyone is getting to darn tired of you and your ways of being a total monopoly dictator. By the way, I got some of this info from this site: nomoreiehacks.org It's a good one-page website.. Spread it around to prevent others from using IE! Down with IE! FireFox has truly taken back the web.
  12. Yeah but still... this forum has been deadly silent everytime I come on here. More activity would be good for this site.
  13. Thanks mate. =) Let me take a look. Yeah that's how I want it. Thanks =)
  14. Well my birthday's tomorrow. Thought since I posted this topic I might reannounce this dead topic -Josh
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