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  1. Does anyone know how the server load was caused? I seem to get tens of thousands of page hits on only one day, then nothing for a while. Any idea how to stop that? I have increased security on Cloudflare.
  2. Tristan4 Stevie Tristan.tk Why is my account suspended? If it was bandwith, Cloudflare reports over 100K page views that are not normal. What should I do about it? Will you also please unsuspend it.
  3. Your HelioHost username: Tristan4 The server your account is on: Stevie Your HelioHost main domain: tristan.tk The login page (http://stevie.heliohost.org:2082/) has no images and is missing text too. The login does not work, and my website says suspended.
  4. your HelioHost username: Tristan4 the server your account is on: Stevie your HelioHost main domain: tristan.tk I was inactive, and the script did not work. May someone re-activate my account?
  5. Username: tristan4 Main domain: tristan.tk Other domain: math.tristan.tk Server: Stevie I have no idea what is wrong. I read about DNS issues, but that should not be a problem. My domain provider has the DNS set to cloudflare, and cloudflare to the shared IP. Sometimes the main domain works, and sometimes it does not, but math.tristan.tk just stays at unreachable. EDIT: math.tristan.tk worked for a short wile, but after it was refreshed, it went back to unreachable.
  6. Username: Tristan4 Server: Stevie Main Domain: tristan.cz.cc I cannot log in.
  7. The free version sucks. The add page button is pro only, and there is no templates feature. Yes, but I accidentally posted the wrong link. Sorry. Both would be fine though.
  8. I would prefer EcoCMS Pro. (Site Builder)
  9. Can you add a site builder like http://ecocms.com/1_5_Pro-Version.html?
  10. It would just be for running apps/programs. That's unfortunate, but expected. Thanks anyway.
  11. Most likely impossible, but it cannot hurt to ask if the Heliohost could have VPS'? As in 250MB disk, unlimited bandwidth, exactly as the normal stuff, just with VPS access to run programs? Maby limited bandwidth for VPS? Impossible/to much work? Maby with post-to-get-VPS?
  12. My website keeps giving me a 500 internal server error. Help?
  13. okay. now im getting account queued again.
  14. im sorry, but i can not pay for one. i will need yours, or another free one from another provider. sorry.
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