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  1. Ah, great. thnx. Could you please point the jeep.cj7limited.nl subdomain to the root for that site: /tstamp/cj7limited.nl/ ? It's used as a sort of alias :-). I noticed that the authorisation (username/pwrd access) is gone for the test-sites/directories but that would be the .htaccess story you mentioned. I will fix that myself. Thnx again!
  2. Hi @krydos, I'm still not getting the right sites for the subdomain URL's...? They're all three routing me to a domain default Plesk-page... Maybe the subdomain is there but it's not connected to the right directory or something?
  3. Ls, Yesterday my account/sites were migrated to Plesk. First impression is really nice. Thanks for the good work! I had a couple of subdomains configured with my sites but those seem to be missing in the Plesk environment after migration. Could you please check and see what's wrong? I'm missing the following subdomains: - test.stamphaus.nl (development purposes, password protected) - test.cj7limited.nl (development purposes, password protected) - jeep.cj7limited.nl (production, publicly accessible) My account is: tstamp Thnx again!
  4. Hi all,I've generated new SSL-certificates for my two domains.Could you please install those?They're in the folders:- /home/tstamp/cert_cj7limited- /home/tstamp/cert_stamphaus on Tommy. Used a different tool since Zero SSL passed the 90days of free use. Hope this works aswell (I didn't expect the .txt extention) Thnx again!
  5. Hi @Krydos, I got the message that my current certificates wil expire in 3 days. I know you're all pretty busy but would appreciate if you can upload the new ones somewhere before that? Thanks again!
  6. Hi all,I've generated new SSL-certificates for my two domains.Could you please install those?They're in the folders:- /home/tstamp/cert_cj7limited- /home/tstamp/cert_stamphaus on Tommy. Thnx!
  7. Hi all, I made a Paypal donation ( 5U682724VE052494A ) under a different Email than my account. Could you please connect it to my account 'tstamp'? Thanx again!
  8. Thnx. By the way, this is on Tommy, forgot to mention 🙂
  9. Hi all, I've generated new SSL-certificates for my two domains. Could you please install those? They're in the folders: - /home/tstamp/cert_cj7limited - /home/tstamp/cert_stamphaus Thnx!
  10. Thanks, will make an export now and take it offline.
  11. Unfortunately my account is suspended again :-(. Wasn't done yet with the plugin but am fed up with these Wordpress issues. Could you please unsuspend so I can take this instance and URL offline?
  12. Hello, I noticed that my account was suspended but I don't know why...? a. My HelioHost username: tstamp b. Running on Tommy c. my main domain is: stamphaus.nl, not quite sure what the heliohost initial main domainname was (to long ago, sorry) Could you please unsuspend and - if you know - let me know what caused it so I can fix/prevent it from happening again? Thanks in advance!
  13. Accountload seems to be spiking to 80% CPU again (according to Cpanel account load overview) but can't find the reason yet. I'm going back to basics with the new site. Completely dropped Joomla through the Softaculous interface and removed the old Wordpress directory through the Cpanel filemanager. But that doesn't change a thing. Do you know of a quick way within Cpanel to drill down from the CPU load to underlying processes/scripts causing the load? Thnx again!
  14. Hi all, I just noticed that my account is suspended. I don't know why. It's regarding the followin account: a. your HelioHost username: tstamp b. the server your account is on: tommy c. your HelioHost main domain: tstamphaus (and subdomains www.stamphaus.nl and recently added www.cj7limited.nl) I was recently suspended due to large 'tmp-usage' during the installation of a 3rd paty Joomla template but recently I haven't been very active with further installations of any kind (only some small HTML/PHP work). Could you please: - explain why I'm suspended so I can check / fix what's wrong? - restore my account? Thnx / Best regards!
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