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  1. I am also facing the same problem. I created a new user luanreis_luan for database luanreis_afiliate_data but it shows the owner of database is postgres user.
  2. Thanks a lot wolstech! I didn't state that was the cause. I will convert the eol from \r\n to \n
  3. Yes, these scripts work. But the one in python return error 500 https://luan.heliohost.org/cgi-bin/example.py My .htaccess is like that:
  4. Hi Krydos, I added the .htaccess file, but Python still not working. In the same dir a Perl CGI script work https://luan.heliohost.org/cgi-bin/teste.pl and even a C one https://luan.heliohost.org/cgi-bin/teste_cgi.cgi
  5. Thanks Krydos! I gonna do that
  6. Hi, since migration to plesk some Python cgi scrips stopped to work. I have to do some extra configuration or Python is disabled? I have the following test script in this address https://luan.heliohost.org/cgi-bin/example.py #!/usr/bin/python print ("Content-type:text/html\r\n\r\n") print ('<html>') print ('<head>') print ('<title>Hello Word - First CGI Program</title>') print ('</head>') print ('<body>') print ('<h2>Hello Word! This is my first CGI program</h2>') print ('</body>') print ('</html>') Regards, Luan
  7. Hi everyone! My account was moved to Plesk and everything is working fine. But I started to receive an e-mail telling that Could not issue/renew Let`s Encrypt certificates. When I login in Plesk I can see that domains are already secured. What can I do? The e-mail content is the following: Could not secure domains of luanreis (login luanreis) with Let`s Encrypt certificates. Please log in to Plesk and secure the domains listed below manually. Securing of the following domains has failed: ** 'luan.eng.br' ** Missed domain names failed to pass validation: www.cpcontacts.luan.eng.br, www.cpcalendars.luan.eng.br The following domains have been secured without some of their Subject Alternative Names: <none> Could not renew Let`s Encrypt certificates for luanreis (login luanreis). Please log in to Plesk and renew the certificates listed below manually. Renewal of the following Let`s Encrypt certificates has failed: <none> The following Let`s Encrypt certificates have been renewed without some of their Subject Alternative Names: <none> Legend: [+] This domain is secure. The domain's SSL/TLS certificate from Let`s Encrypt has been issued/renewed. [-] This domain is not secure. Either the domain's SSL/TLS certificate from Let`s Encrypt could not be issued/renewed or the domain name was excluded from the certificate. Renew the certificate manually or request a new one to secure this domain.
  8. Happy Easter! Great news! I would vote for Java
  9. Hi guys, Could you please install the SSL certificate for my site luan.eng.br (luan.heliohost.org). The certificate files are in /home/luanreis: ca_bundle.crt certificate.crt and private.key Thank you
  10. Hi guys, Could you please update the SSL certificate for my site luan.eng.br (luan.heliohost.org). I put the certificate files in /home/luan: ca_bundle.crt certificate.crt and private.key Thanks, Luan
  11. Next time I will open a new topic. Thank you for the help!
  12. Hello! I have the same issue, I have generated the certificate files and put them on my home folder. My website is luan.heliohost.org but I use domain luan.eng.br. If you can, please install the certificates. Thanks in advance
  13. Thanks for the solution guys! You are top! I also changed the software to redirect to correct domain. Sorry for the inconvenience
  14. But when I execute the script only luan.eng.br stay in my accout. How to add luan.heliohost.org as second domain? It says that is associated with another account. When I try add luan.heliohost.org as addon domain I get the following message (XID wcxk33) The domain “luan.heliohost.org” may not be created by “luanreis” because “heliohost.org” is already owned by another user.
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