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  1. Thank you very much... i deleted mailbox and change forwarders/default address.
  2. Thank you very much, but also pop3 in gmail do not work because of selfsigned certificate. AND i have second question: Why forwarding doesnt work? I set up forward to another mail but rule is not applied (no mail is forwarded).
  3. Hello, please can you help me with configuration of thunderbird to have access to my mail at heliohost? via http://stevie.heliohost.org:2095/ i'm able to access email without any problem... When i try to configure thunderbird, it is not possible to verify setup: Name: info@mydomain.cz E-mail: info@mydomain.cz Password: <<same as i use for web login>> IMAP stevie.heliohost.org 993 SSL/TLS Password secured transfer SMTP stevie.heliohost.org 465 SSL/TLS Password secured transfer Username for both incoming and outgoing: info@mydomain.cz As far as I know all is set up correctly... but connection is not possible to create. Do you see any problem? Thank you very much O.
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