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  1. This account is currently archived and it will be done by one our root admins. Escalating
  2. This support request is being escalated to our root admin
  3. Asp.net only supports on Lily server which we can get our root admin Wolstech to create an Lily account for you and linked to Tommy server. Escalating
  4. Escalating to our root admin Krydos since he knows about it. Escalating
  5. Please post the following details: 1. cPanel username 2. Server you are currently on 3. Main Domain
  6. Please wait for Krydos when he gets a chance to enabled those for you. He usually on here sometimes but because he has been keeping himself busy doing things for Heliohost.
  7. You can do this yourself by visiting this link: https://johnny.heliohost.org:2083/resetpass?start=1
  8. Your account was inactive because you didn’t login to your account for more than 30 days and to prevent it from happening again please make sure to do this aleast 30 days. Unsuspended Your IP address has been blocked because you attempted to login a few tries. Unblocked
  9. This is Krydos question and he will be happy to assist you with this. Escalating
  10. It was currently archived because you didn’t login into your account for more than 30 days. To prevent it from happening again, please make sure to logged in at least 30 days. Escalating
  11. You shouldn’t be ever running a Wordpress onto our servers! WP is just really badly written, It's the number one cause of weird errors, causing our servers to get a high amount of risk and this leads you into suspended and even Phishing bans. (usually when the hackers set up phishing on your account) The best way to avoid this is to use another software like Joomla. It is recommended and we have a lot of users all around the community successfully installed!
  12. Correct. Ricky is currently still under maintenance. In the meantime we can move you to Tommy if you’re a donor. Otherwise you will have to wait until it comes back up again. If you move to another server for free, you just need to sign up again.
  13. This support request is being escalated to our root admins.
  14. Your account was currently archived because you hadn’t logged in for more than 30 days. To prevent this from happening again, please make sure to login at least 30 days. Escalating
  15. Due to federal regulations, HelioHost is unable to provide services to users in the country of Iran. We are not allowed to do business with any person residing in or having an affiliation with Iran. This isn't us unfortunately, it's our government. We are located in the USA, which has made it illegal to do business with Iran. As a result, it is illegal for us to serve you. If our government could get along with yours, we would love to serve you, but until our laws change, that cannot happen for legal reasons. All US-based web hosts have the same restriction too, so it's not just us. You'll need to find a non-US-based web host.
  16. This account is currently in archived and it needs to be done by our root admins. Escalating
  17. This account has already been unsuspended and ready to go!
  18. Please post the following: 1. PostgreSQL Database 2. PostgreSQL Database Username For the net5 to be installed, this question will go another root admin, Wolstech since he’s in charged of the asp.net for Lilly server!
  19. Great! Let us know if you have anymore questions.
  20. We can install it for you! Please post the following: 1. cPanel username 2. Server that you’re currently on 3. Current PHP version 4. Main Domain
  21. Your account is active and ready to go! Have you tried resetting it the password?: https://johnny.heliohost.org:2083/resetpass?start=1/
  22. Please post the following for us to enable this: 1. Postgres Database name 2. Postgres Database username
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