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  1. whoa, i think my cms script it's error it's now on under maintance
  2. than i better wait until , it's fix issue .
  3. if don't need registration again better than move to tommy
  4. required php extension not found :mbstring
  5. dear admin, i want ask question, why i can't install mybb for my site can you help me, please
  6. thx for replay and answer my question and thx too , i can used my account hosting at heliohost.org again case close
  7. i'm already delete my wordpress installation , but access respon on cpanel is very slow and still look at this my domain ?
  8. You're suspended because your WordPress theme contained malware. WordPress is infamous for this, and we highly recommend that users do not use WordPress for precisely this reason (there's far too many fake/malicious themes and plugins for it out there anymore, and the core WordPress software is also known for vulnerabilities). You should delete your WordPress installation (or at the very least delete the "twentysixteen" theme and all of its files, including the one listed above) to remove the infection. I recommend finding different software entirely, but if you want to reinstall WordPress, be sure to use only up to date plugins and themes from reputable websites like the official WordPress site. I see several others in our system with that same theme that are also suspended...the theme appears to contain a backdoor. When you're ready to fix this, let me know and I'll unsuspend you. i see, maybe i almost forgotten to up to date plugins so it's detect malware my apologies for my mistaken , unsuspend my account please i will fix it, and reinstall again or maybe using different software thx for replay
  9. dear admin, why my account is suspended? i just sharing content free software, from http://sharewareonsale.com/ and i'm translate & repost on that site into my native language. and my native language is indonesian Heliohost username: uzuaan Server: johnny Domain: uzuaan.web.id thx you for your replay uzuaan
  10. Try changing 'localhost' to '' how to changing thats
  11. Dear admin , can you help me fix my site because i can not access my web for screenshot like this Thank you :D/&--#62; server : johnny
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