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  1. Hello, due to pass some busy months in last year I can't log in to cPanel (maybe precisely forget to do that)Can you please activate back my account? I think it's been several times I've created requests to activate my account caused by inactivity, I'm sorry for that.However I'm still need my account Thank You username: mhr2 server: tommy main domain: mhr2.heliohost.org
  2. Hi, does heliohost support SSH access? if yes, how to get the access? Thanks,,
  3. yes but, it is work perfectly in my local (i am sure), so I dont think the code is wrong
  4. Hi, I have problem in my site in this domain http://tatoeba.ga The style doesn't load at all, but I have install it on my local and work perfectly. please tell me whats wrong username: mhr2 server: ricky
  5. hmm but I sure (I dont know why) it was suspended before. anyway thanks for replying
  6. username: mhr2 server: ricky domain: mhari.heliohost.org
  7. Its looks like nothing changed with the url.. I mean is not how to get the url but how to keep the url from being ignored the url like main.masaeng.ga mean => /index.php?u=main If i write main.masaeng.ga/whatever/here/a.php?b=c it still read the url as /index.php?u=main So its just can read the front one Sorry if my words is less clear Any solutions please..
  8. Hi, I am found a problem the urls after the domain are ignored for example main.masaeng.ga/haha/hihi/huhu/hoho.php will still in main.masaeng.ga/index.php I mean whatever I write after the domain it would be ignored and show me index.php page. I think this problem appear because something wrong in my .htaccess file here is the file : RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\. RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !index\.php RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(.+?)\.masaeng\.ga$ RewriteRule .* /index.php?u=%1 [L] anyone know what the wrong is? please tell me since I do not really understand the code thanks in advance
  9. Ok,, I just want to know. I think that's more than enough Thank you very much!
  10. Oh my god.. thank you.. its now working properly then, is it possible to make it be https for each ?
  11. Hi,, I have tried above guide but i dont know why the php code are not run so i dont know it work or not. Are there any wrong step I did in creating subdomain ?
  12. its working when i visit as (whatever).masaeng.ga but i not sure it is working properly because when i write php code there, the code was not run (it is displayed on the source page) also on that guide the code in .htaccess file in not available. then how i get it such as masaeng.ga/index.php?u=mhari as mhari.masaeng.ga any solution please
  13. it might could help. but actually i looking for the alternative of it. i mean if user register in my site he will have his own profile page address as a subdomain (like user.masaeng.ga) that not created in the cPanel but as another alias of my domain and i can easily costumize what will be dispayed there (and dynamic data such as users data) and does not require me to get into cpanel (also not fulling up my subdomain list in cpanel).please do you have any solutions for this case? such as directing in htaccess or whatever any help would be helpful for me
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