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  1. Thanks. I understand. It's not a novel thing
  2. Putting "Options -Indexes" in htaccess file causes internal error with "options not allowed here" error. Removed that and website works but directories are open to browse How to stop directories from being browsed now?
  3. Please install ssl certificate. i have already uploaded the files mohapps at Tommy server
  4. LTC transaction id: e4525ae4021e46ef2033bfc4f6ef4861d5172efd8424845a9c12028ff83e67e7 my account on tommy: mohapps I also had a previous donation which is not accounted for in Plesk page: https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/42696-solved-i-just-made-a-donation/
  5. i've uploaded the files domain: mohapps.ml
  6. Please install ssl certificate. i have already uploaded the files mohapps at Tommy server
  7. transaction id on LTC Blockchain: 2951130503a49134a18b32e7f30a54eb0e6947ba6a45d784f8237f48a3640c0e my account id on tommy: mohapps You guys let me host my own website freely when I was broke. Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic service now that I'm only semi-broke
  8. I had an account on Tommy with domain mohapps.cf could you please check it out thanks
  9. I had Tommy account previously and waiting now. I wanted to donate via bitcoin but there are only PayPal and Skrill options on Tommy page. and unfortunately bitcoin is my only option. just wondering if I can get my Tommy invitation via bitcoin or not.
  10. those of us who had account on Tommy and didn't move to other servers, should sign up again on Tommy when it's back or sign in and upload files?
  11. so can't login to cpanel until then? need something to do to get back to my account?
  12. when I visit my site mohapps.cf I'm redirected to Inactive error page. when I proceed to renew account and enter my username it says it's already active. I had logged on into control panel recently.
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