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  1. Hello, My account is archived due to inactivity. Can you please unarchive it? username is assk and server is tommy. Best Regards, Sharamke
  2. I want to keep this account and need the backup of other account.
  3. My website (http://allahsaysharamkejey.tk) is suspended due to done reason. It show message that either I used excessive resources or did something which is not allowed like spamming etc. Kindly reactivate my website as I didn't do any such thing mentioned on the page.
  4. sharamke

    Tommy Accounts

    Can you please delete abidkhan (domain abidkhan.tk) from stevie so that new account on Tommy can be created?
  5. How can I receive tommy invite?
  6. Thanks. When should I attempt to download backup again or I'll get any notification?
  7. Hello, I just downloaded backup of my website hosted at stevie. I noticed that is is not a complete backup.Most of the folders are missing. Only two folders are there css and readonline and no index file and idhar folder. My username is sharamke. Can you please look into it?
  8. Yeah I'm on Steve, can I convert my account to Steve and vice versa or I've to make new account?
  9. Hello, I was trying to install a package through softaculas but it's giving me error message that newer version of php is required. My question is, how can I update php to version 5.4.1?
  10. When we use redirects in cpanel, it uses .htaccess method. Why is it not working in my case. I've checked .htaccess file, redirect link is there but it wasn't redirecting.
  11. So you mean every time I've to make a redirect, I've to make index file with contents like above after adding redirect in cpanel?
  12. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/yw69fapwnq5vgc6/ALLAH Say Sharam Kejey.apk Tell me if it helped in resolving the issue I'm facing.
  13. No, not all. Only http://allahsaysharamkejey.tk/dl/apk to the link of apk file hosted at dropbox. ALL/dl/apk is same as http://allahsaysharamkejey.tk/dl/apk because I've only one domain in my account.
  14. Hello, yesterday I've added a redirect but till now it's not working. Main domain: http://allahsaysharamkejey.tk Redirect: ALL/dl/apk Redirect to: dropbox file link. PS: in the website, click on android icon, if redirect work s, it should redirects to dropbox hosted file's download link.
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