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  1. Ok, thank you. Now the cPanel view correct. I just try to install the EspoCRM from cPanel-> Softaculous for testing. The script check modules before installing and no-found imap module. In php info (https://azwebdds.heliohost.us/TESTING/php-info.php) I see that module was compilated (--with-imap=shared,/opt/cpanel/ea-php73/root/usr' '--with-imap-ssl' ) but probable it not turned on (enable) in php.ini Have we access to php.ini or can you turn on this module by yourself? (I think the modules will be more because this CRM usually ask many). Thank you. Regards Alex.
  2. Thank you much, Ben. All done successful. Small "css-screen-trouble" I see on cPanel: the INFO-box move under MAIN-box. Usually it stay on right-top place (pict. in add). (same was on Johnny, I wrote you about 25/04 in [HH#645674] and you was fixed it on Johnny cPanel).
  3. Thank you. I have deleted old registration. When I start new I see that Ricky is full and page tell me about Johnny again (but we told about moving to Ricky) (Based on your selections I recommend you start on the Johnny server, but it is currently full. You will need to wait 4 hours and 32 minutes for signups to reopen.) What I need to do next for move to Ricky?
  4. Hello Support. As you recommended I try to move to Ricky for PHP7|Python3 and MySQL|SQLite|PostgreSQL (Java and RoR I needn't). I doing it by methodic on https://wiki.helionet.org/accounts/moving-your-account I make backup and want to delete my account. От the page https://www.heliohost.org/scripts/delete.php I enter my account login azwebdds@gmail.com and correct pass and press Delete Account button. But I have ERROR like "We're sorry, but we either could not find that account in the database, or it is not listed as active. Please contact an administrator if you feel this message is in error." Thank you.
  5. Hello there! I think my account AZWebDDS has been archived. Can you un-archiving it? Thank you. Best regards, Alex.
  6. Ok. It working now. I just need wait near 24 hours for updating. Thank you.
  7. Hello there. Need I to open new topic or prolongate this? I have this mistake too. I have started new domain azweb-bugtracker.tk and give the NS for this like NS1.HELIOHOST.ORG and NS2.HELIOHOST.ORG. When I go to my CPanel -> Addon Domains and write in the form. After this I have it: "A DNS entry for “azweb-bugtracker.tk” already exists. You must remove this DNS entry from all servers in the DNS cluster to proceed." ... and I have the directory public_html/azweb-bugtracker.tk. I put the index.html file inside this directory but it not working like Addon Domain: when I go to azweb-bugtracker.tk I see the: Index of / cgi-bin/Apache/2.2.29 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.29 OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 mod_mono/2.6.3 mod_jk/1.2.37 mod_bwlimited/1.4 mod_wsgi/4.4.13 Python/2.4.3 Server at azweb-bugtracker.tk Port 80 ... and not like index. file. I dont know what I need to do next... Thank you.
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