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  1. Hello, you have acccess to my files in stevie? If yes can move for my new user arugo2 in tommy or just restore a backup made same week stevie down. Thaanks
  2. I want donate but for security reasons using another email. user : narugo2 http://hlstatsx.tk/ http://hlstatsx-ins.heliohost.org/ if need i have backup about donate: Just reply here the confirmation code? or you need email? Yes. Tommy is our flagship server that offers the most features, and will continue to have the highest uptime. However, Tommy is still being beta tested so he may have some bugs, and public account creation isn't available yet. We send out random free invites to create an account on Tommy, or if you make a donation https://www.paypal.me/HelioHost of any amount you will get an invite within 24 hours. Once Tommy is fully set up and done being tested we will offer limited daily signups for free. If you don't want to donate or wait or wait for Tommy, Johnny is our newest server created in the last week and offers free account creation, but signups are currently limited per day starting at midnight UTC and they fill up really fast. Also if you need Ruby on Rails support Johnny is your only choice. 8E068304LU1337511
  3. no "like" to my post? :'( jking sorry u can /close
  4. found in https://heliohost.org/?_=new "about us" look some good places PS: i have helionet and heliohost in my adblocker white-list and still showing warn, I want donate but with different email i use only for finances.
  5. last month i found in a lot of topic i was reading url to donate, now i'm searching for it and cant find, what about add the Donate menu in wiki, forum and site? this is a little hide. or is signature moderators+
  6. /fixed after 1 day, worked without any change, edited .htaccess but nothing about that. about port, any chance to have 27019 27029 27023 for sourcebans ?
  7. thanks, deleted cron-job and files about hlstatsx:ce about that port is closed cant connect. i want isntall sourcebans like this http://edge-gamers.heliohost.org/bans/index.php?p=servers&s=0
  8. Thanks so much, 2 days after post worked without http://www.hlstatsx.tk/ or http://hlstatsx.tk./ another question cronjob i have permission to run it? cd path/to/scripts/folder ./run_hlstats start #!/bin/bash <<-- if yes, its right?
  9. Hello, i've added helio nameserver at domain http://hlstatsx.tk./ for http://hlstatsx-ins.heliohost.org/ but still only works with ( . ) after tk./ http://hlstatsx.tk./ http://hlstatsx.tk/ I think this guy had same issue, but not shared how fixed it :s http://www.helionet.org/index/topic/26546-addon-domain/ PS: I would like to ask if i can use 1 port udp/tcp (default 27500) or any unused by steam and srcds
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