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Found 3 results

  1. With the actual weather in Luxembourg, it's a nightmare to be a non-professional, trying to configure a VPS, when you have to sit with your laptop outside, in order to have Internet access. Nevertheless, the major part of my website is running, DNS issues resolved thanks to the help found in this forum, Perl CGI figured out by myself after some 6 hours of hard work. Today, I configured mail and my server receives emails, including emails with non existing accounts going to a default one. Sending emails seems fine, too. However: - Has anyone an idea, what I must do to use webmail? With http://www.mydomain.lu/webmail, I get a "page not found" error (the same for https). To note that there is no webmail folder in my domain's web or mail directory. Have I to run some setup script for Roundcube, that perhaps creates this folder? Another problem, that I have no idea how to solve, is awstats. Awstats is actually running, but is only accessible via http. In fact, it does not work with the alias, defined in the generated config, but with an alias I created myself. - Is there some additionnal configuration to do, if I want to access the awstas pages with https? And why, when accessing it with http, the pages are immediately displayed, with a "basicauth/require valid user" set for the awstats directory? Forgive me for asking, concerning sth that seems evident, but I'm not sure, because Hestia does lots of things automatically. - When I changed my SSH port, the connection with PuTTY was timed out. May that be, because I have to open the new port in iptables? And if I change the port, have I to use the new port for secure FTP, too, or are these two things, that have nothing to do with each other? Sorry, for all these questions, but the Hestia documentation is limited to some specific points and there are very few webpages, where I found some usefull information. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello. Trying to understand what is happening on my site. Last month pages viewed and downloads were less than half of the months before and this month awstats reports mostly less than 5 visitors a day, often 1 or even 0. I wondered if perhaps Tommy was often down or had other problems. Or if Heliohost blocked me, because download volume was to big (> 1GB in March) or because I did some other thing wrong. After all, 0 and 1 visitor per day, that is not normal to happen. Then, I thought that perhaps there is someting wrong with the statistics applications. In fact, the Apache log file has same size as the months before and the bandwidth application in C-Panel reports 800MB (versus 16MB viewed + 140MB not viewed traffic in awstats). Anyone, who can help? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I am planning to create a statistics page of my website. I managed to link the cPanel accessible page of Webalizer with https://www.distribure.cf/usage.php But Webalizer is not giving much detailed stat like Awstats. Can I generate a similar page for Awstats? Is there any possibility of security leak?
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