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  1. account: ecto01 server: stevie domain: mail.rkibler.com i haven't been able to send or receive mail on stevie all day. when attempting to send mail from a client (thunderbird) i get the following error (the settings are correct as this was working just fine last night): Sending of message failed. The message could not be sent because connecting to SMTP server mail.rkibler.com failed. The server may be unavailable or is refusing SMTP connections. Please verify that your SMTP server settings are correct and try again, or contact the server administrator. when attempting to send mail in a webmail client i receive the error: Connection refused 111 Can't open SMTP stream. i can connect to webmail fine but new messages do not show up in my inbox. any insight? will this problem resolve itself? will i still receive the emails that were sent during this time or are they gone forever? i sincerely hope not because these emails are important. thank you for any and all help.
  2. Can someone please reset my mail settings for windows live? (Krydos) Since Johnny was down they have all undone. Most days all my pages load very slowly now and sometimes not at all. Sometimes it comes back that the page isn't there and then if I try it from another page I can get it. Sometimes you can get it in one browser and not another. None of my other posts have been answered for about a month now.
  3. The Php Mail() Function at stevie doesn't work. Does anyone knows why or when it is going to work again?
  4. Hi everybody! I am trying to send an email through an PHP script for authentification sakes. It used to work out with the PHP mail() function. My syntax was: mail("example@example.com", "subject", "message", "From: myemail@example.com"); Now that I moved to Heliohost this doesn't seem to work out anymore. It doesn't give me an error message, but I just won't recieve the sent mail at example@example.com. What could be the reason for this? Is there anything I have to configure in cPanel or in my code to get PHP mail() to work? Or is there any other way I can send an email from my script? My preference would be an easy way to send that mail. I don't need to have special features like HTML-Email, just the way mail() used to serve it. Thankfully, blog2
  5. Hi, I have a few adjustments to make: - I need the mail set up for my Windows live account mail. The domain is go.2lisanet.com The information for setting it up is in the attached file. I tried doing this through cPanel but the information just erased itself. Other information seems to need to be done by WHM. instrctns.zip - I have autoresponders set up on lisanet.co but they do not work. - Also, my filters don't seem to be working. I'll give this another day as I have tried to adjust them. - I can't send mail from my Thunderbird email. I can receive the mail but I cannot send it. It was working and then it just stopped. I have tried reinstalling it but that did not change anything. Okay, this mail problem seems to be more serious than I thought. I just tried to forward myself a message, it failed delivery and it shouldn't have. I rechecked my filters, whitelisted the address, then filtered it to come through. The forward still failed. As this is my main email address I am wondering how many other mails are not getting through.
  6. Hi, It's been mentioned that the limit is 50 emails per day, if using Stevie. What about using external SMTP, does this has limits? If so, what are the limits? Best regards,
  7. Hi I am admin of netmoneyads.com . when a user post ad from my site.It should get an confirmation mail from my site.but some users said ( with gmail account) that they did not get mail from neymoneyads.com . Mail bounced back with some error message :No such an user" . PLEASE SOVE THE PROBLEM
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