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Found 5 results

  1. My First question is, is the storage calculated in HD or SSD? Also is there a guarantee uptime or is that only for the shared hosting? Lastly what are the differences between Ubuntu, Centos, or Windows does one cost more or less?
  2. Good evening from Venezuela, I am starting again in this forum and I would like to share my doubts with you. I am developing a small app to verify data from an external database, these are processed, and as a result statistics are obtained on the performance of some processes related to the Food and Beverage area, such as the amount of ingredients Spent during a normal working day or during the provision of a service, these data are compared on a daily basis and then an approximate average is obtained of what must be purchased so as not to leave the stock empty. my question about this is: 1- Can this server (Stevie) be used to generate test applications even if they have connections to external databases? 2- What kind of frameworks for fast programming should I avoid? Or, failing that, what do you recommend? 3- In case you want to buy a paid hosting, then carry out the development of the web application, what would be the steps to follow? Thank you very much in advance! Stay home, but if you can generate something for yours it is better;) Buenas noches desde Venezuela, estoy comenzando nuevo en este foro y quisiera participarles mi duda. Estoy desarrollando una pequeña app para verificar datos provenientes de una base de datos externa, estos se procesan, y como resultado se obtienen unas estadisticas sobre el rendimiento de algunos procesos relacionados con el area de Alimentos y Bebidas, como por ejemplo, la cantidad de ingredientes gastados durante una jornada laboral normal o durante la pretacion de un servicio, estos datos se comparan a diario y se obtiene entonces un promedio aproximado de lo que se debe comprar para no dejar el stock vacio. mi pregunta acerca de esto es: 1- ¿Se puede usar este servidor (Stevie) para generar aplicaciones de prueba aunque tengan conexiones a bases de datos externas? 2- ¿Que clase de frameworks para programacion rapida deberia evitar?, o en su defecto lo que ustedes recomiendan? 3- ¿En caso de querer comprar un hosting pago luiego de realizar el desarrollo de la aplicacion web, cuales serian los pasos a seguir? Muchas gracias de antemano!, quedate en casa, pero si puedes generar algo para los tuyos es mejor
  3. Hello everyone, First of all, thanks for this amazing service that you provide for free. I truly appreciate it. I wonder if it would be possible to deploy and run an ASP.NET Core web app on HelioHost. I've read that, for this, HelioHost provides the server "Lily", which is for Microsoft-related technologies such as this which I've already mentioned. The thing is that I'd also need some database because my app will need one. Preferably, I'd need PostgreSQL but if this isn't possible, SQL Server is my second option. I've already asked if I could have access to Johnny (to have a running PostgreSQL database there) and Lily (for my web app) but I've been told this isn't actually possible due to HelioHost's policy. Apart from this, I'd like to keep this web app accessible from a custom domain, let's say: www.my-incredible-app.com. Would this be possible with HelioHost (and Lily)? Thank you guys in advance! Edit - PD: my project will consist of Python scripts logging information to this database the web app will use, so remote access from for example my home IP (and not only from a web app hosted in HelioHost) will be needed. Still possible? :-)
  4. Hi, Wolstech. I would like to request a Lily account for rendering ASP.NET web app. My current info: Username: ftms Domain name: ftms.heliohost.org Current server: Tommy Thanks.
  5. Hi, Is create user syntax allowed when i execute that statement? I wanted to allow a user to be registered on MySQL (not thru cpanel) so that the max_user connection will not show in the future.
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