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Found 4 results

  1. I have successfully completed the node.js tutorial. I am trying to deploy an express app, and after reading another expressJS ticket I also tried putting the app in a subdomain titled express.jax.heliohost.us. The app folder is at the path - home/jax/node/riddleAdventure. The app url is - express.jax.heliohost.us/riddleadventure. The app has been registered using application manager. Dependencies have been ensured. Yet, the same express-related 'Cannot GET' error is displayed when I visit the url. Please advise, thanks very much! - Jax
  2. I am trying to run a simple node app using express; however, I keep getting "Cannot GET /test" when I try to access the app (goochy13.heliohost.org/test). I have followed the Node tutorial on the Wiki and managed to get it working using "http" - but as I cannot get the same app to work using express instead of http I can only assume express is the problem. My simple test app is below. var express = require("express"); app = express(); const hostname = ''; const port = 3000; app.get("/", (req, res) =>{ res.statusCode = 200; res.setHeader('Content-Type', 'text/html'); res.end('Node.js is on and working.'); }); app.listen(port, hostname, () => { console.log("Test app is running."); }); I have copied across the "node_modules" folder as a .zip - and extracted it from the server side. I have also included package.json and I hit "ensure dependencies" in the application manager. Certainly possible that I've missed a step or misunderstand what is required to get this up and running. Anyone got any ideas? Cheers
  3. Hi, Reviewing some of the posts it appears that you already support Node Js on some of your servers. I even try to follow some links within the community regarding the subject but it wasnt very clear if you support or not. I have a project alocated in the Johnny server but i really need Node Js to fulfill the needs so my question is: - Does any of the servers supports Node Js, MySQL and email at this moment? Best Regards Tom
  4. Hi im having quite a problem logging into my sql database, i've tried most host names, like stevie.heliohost.org, localhost (as it says in the wiki), and my domain name.. but nothing works. All the values are correct so no need asking for that. I've also added a user to the mysql and tried to connect via it.. but also no success One quick note is that i am using node.js and do u guys know some good way to connect to mysql with other server (not localhost)
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