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Found 9 results

  1. i want to send email as user signup on my website . i use php code mail() function for this . but i dont know the settings of heliohost for that . plz help me this is my php code : if($status){$to="$email";$subject="[Together We] Activate your account";$message="Hello $username ! Please, confirm your registration by clicking link .Link is valid only for 1 day. Click to activate: http://localhost/New%20folder/confirmed.php?email=$email&vcode=$random"; $from="From : Together We <no-reply@togetherwe.heliohost.org>"; $sentmail=mail($to,$subject,$message,$from);} I want to use my gmail account for sending and receiving emails because i dont know email properties of heliohost
  2. How do I enable a content delivery network (CDN) such as CloudFlare, with a *.heliohost.org subdomain? Upon adding a website and inputting my *.heliohost.org subdomain in getting started with CloudFlare, this quote is appearing: "We were unable to identify *.heliohost.org as a registered domain. Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not any subdomains (e.g., example.com, not subdomain.example.com) (Code: 1099)" And also, can the nameservers of a *.heliohost.org subdomain be changed? Is using CloudFlare with a *.heliohost.org subdomain, not possible? If it is, could you give me the right instructions to achieve that? If it's not, can you give me a specific CDN that can be used in such subdomain with a little instructions? Thank you..
  3. Hello, I'm having issues configuring my mail on Thunderbird 38. I believe I'm using the valid settings, but Thunderbird is throwing errors in its console log, and I can't proceed to adding the account to the application. Here are some screenshots of the issue:
  4. I purchased the domain name happypuppyairsoft.com through Select Choice Domains. I have modified their A Host to be Host: heliohost.org pointing to: TTL: 1 hour When I use a browser to try to resolve to happypuppyairsoft.com it still goes to their parked page and when I attempt to put the direct website into the URL address it tells me the account is queued. Please assist. username is bltwmayo
  5. Ok so I know how to set up ruby on rails on my PC but!! I can't install/setup my ROR App its called Spree Commerce. https://github.com/spree/spree And I have it in my desired dir public_html/store Now What I want to do is install it and run it
  6. Hi, I recently established an account with HeliHost (cagg.us). Everything works, but the link to build the website after downloading the software via Softaculus. The name server is set correctly and the account was set up with an owned domain. I cleared the cache in Firefox, tried another browser, tried the link via my smart phone, using my hotspot and the phone's direct Internet connection. The result is the same - 404 error code - cagg.us/conc/index.php/login (port 80) Not found. Entering the url cagg.us points to Helihost as account queued. Everything appears set up and software correctly downloaded in the cPanel. Thanks, John
  7. Am I able to setup a websocket in cpanel? If I can, HOW? thanks in advance
  8. Hey guys. Rather new here and looking to get my blog rolling. I really like this host and everything you guys are doing. I'm trying to setup my email with Thunderbird. I keep getting this lovely little error: "Sending of password did not succeed. Mail server mail.threefatasses.info responded: Login failed." I have searched the forums for similar issues but nothing I have found has helped. Here is what I have done. In Cpanel, I created a new email account: enlightenedshadow@threefatasses.info with my password. All went well. Then I went to Thunderbird and started to create my account there. I entered my email/password and it found all the servers just fine. But I get that error listed above and can go no further. If anyone knows why this is happening or knows of a Rookie mistake I am making, please let me know! Thanks in advanced.
  9. I was trying to setup my domain in co.cc. In Name Server setting I entered ns1.heliohost.org, ns2.heliohost.org. Do I need to setup zone records to get my domain up? If I need to fill these Zone Records setting, what is that? Below are required:-- Host: TTL: Type: Value: Please help if these are required to setup my domain. Thanks in advance.
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