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  1. a. your HelioHost username: verifyus b. the server your account is on: johnny or rick cant remember c. your HelioHost main domain: verifyus.heliohost.org
  2. Hello My account was suspended and I really dont know for why. Can you unsuspend my account? username webjjic Server johnny plz
  3. a. your HelioHost username : update7 b. the server your account is on : ricky c. your HelioHost main domain : username.heliohost.us
  4. heliohost username: zoomtest heliohost server : johnny heliohost domain : zoomtest.heliohost.org Please help me to unsuspend my account.
  5. Username : miappbo Server : johnny Domain : https://miappbo.heliohost.org (I am not really sure) Please cancel the suspension of my account, I need the database I had in MySQL, the database is called miappbo_miappbogado ... please help me ... thanks
  6. hello account suspended my helionet username : amanjsle Server : Johnny Domain : paypalacc.cf i didn't anything wrong i just have a project i want to test
  7. Please unsuspend my account.i will select less services.. thanks in advance
  8. my username: google12 main domain: google12.heliohost.org Account hosted on Tommy. Yesterday i was trying to implement hsts strict transport security header but i was suprised to find my accound suspended in morning. there are other headers i added in .htacess file i think they could the problem why my account was suspended. if not that then i dont know the cause
  9. Hi My account has been suspended. Following are the details: a) My Heliohost Username : life2 Server : Tommy c) Heliohost main domain : life.heliohost.org I have no idea why it has been suspended. Presently it hosts three domains ( Wordpress) but all of them are practically personal with hardly any visitors. I had raised a query for my sites being down often and in response one of the admin attached a graph which shows memory usage approaching CPU . The link is : https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/39868-websites-down-very-frequently/ Would appreciate all advise and unuspension. Thank you.
  10. a. username: komejude b. server: php c. HelioHost main domain: yourfreeofers.tk
  11. Hello, Please my account got suspended, i request for team to help me solve this issue and re activate my account. Here is my website http://blockmaster-imports.tk Thanks for your help.
  12. Hello, My usersname is mspro and my account on Tommy server for www.monsecretariat.pro is suspended. Could you please unsuspend my account and say me what was it suspended for ? I think I agree with Heliohost's terms of use, but I will take measures if not. Looking for your answer MSPRO
  13. a tonyliz b johnny c http://high-value.heliohost.org/ please tell me what i need to do to have my account back and running what am i doing wrong ,helppppp
  14. Some Administrator that my account and be able to have activity of the same. Thank you
  15. a. HelioHost username: infomant b. server account is on: Ricky c. main domain: takeinfosys
  16. Username : edicmeet Server : Ricky/Johnny Domain : ediccharusat.heliohost.org
  17. Username: rzurita Server: Tommy Domain: raulzurita.com.ve Hi, I think I have not broken any rules. Please, I would like you to reactivate my account. Thank you.
  18. It was hosted on stevie Cannot login to cpanel and the website - https://robin.eu.org shows "Account suspended" Thank you for looking into it.
  19. My Account was suspended because it's my fault. By mistake i am sign up the already exist account by mistake. So Sorry, Please I am requesting you please doing my account unsuspended. My domain is http://cadcamindia.tk and my server is ricky. Thank You.
  20. My account has been suspended because of inactivity but as I am 100% sure that I had logged in few days back only, probably this week only but still its suspended because of in activity. Please release my account as soon as possible. This would be your most kindness. Account: User-webcyclein website-www.webcycle.in Server- Ricky Heliohost Thanks in Advance
  21. My account is suspended.. I'm using CyberGhost VPN, is that a problem? ...please help! server: Stevie ..I suppose ...I can't login to my CP Can you remove my domain and e-mail from Stevie so i can register again on Johnny? Thanks!
  22. Hi i'm sending you this message to informe you that my account has been suspended today; i have done the registration yestarday, i got your email to day asking me to log in my account ,wich i did the same as you asked me to do after 30 mint my account was bene suspended her's my : Domain: nami.heliohost.org Control Panel URL: http://nami.heliohost.org/cpanel thanx in advance.
  23. My account was suspended. Reactivating script does'nt work! Please help me! Server: johnny Account: unico http://unico.heliohost.org/
  24. Clicked on reactivate account from email sent. Window said account is reactivated. Tried to sign in but window said it can't find my account in database. tried to reset password, no response. Couldn't get into account to stop it being suspended because it was over allowance limit. How do I fix this is I cant get access to account?
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