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The UNOFFICAL Middle Eastern Thread

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Posted 21 August 2006 - 02:14 AM

God, Does it end?

we capture Iraq,
we hold it
we get attacked constantly by Separtist forces
city buildings are used as separtists attacking spots
we cant do shoot becuase we want to souposedly " Make it democratic" and not just bomb the cities
We establish a Democratic society
Elections are held
a PM is in place
Hussien is captured
he is on trial
he is delaying his trial because his end is inevitable
America is constantly screaming to get out
We are still in there being killed over nothing, it can repeat itself ( We traiN Iraq's forces, its used against us)
in the end

Newer News

Israel Invades Lebanon
Israel is crushing everything in its path with bulldozers
Lebanon and UN start asking/demanding ceasfires
Israel Finally Agrees to ceasfire
Israel disobeys ceasfire, HERE WE GO!

Lets begin Discussing!

my opinion:

We gotta get out, we just gotta. We are getting our [bleeped!] kicked, the Iraqi Police force and military were established under democracy, instead of staying there and dying, we should leave and monitor the military and police, to prevent the government from being overthrown by Military Leaders, or the Separtist.

We also gotta end this Trial with Saddam, and set an example with the fact that the cockroach we caught is going down, and we are tired of this ******** and he is executed, there is already enough proof for his death and our witnesses and judges are at risk until he dies, and we solve this separtist problem

a bird will never fly unless the mother trusts it can fly. We are basically that mother, and that bird is IRaq, we gotta focus on preparing them to fly, and then, Drop em from the nest. Or else they will end up just sitting in the nest forever and we DONT need that

as for Israel and lebanon, they are not our situation, Lebanon has been massing more weapons and military power. Israel is pretty much doing a cleanup targeting trade and strongholds so that lebanon cant threaten them

AL Quada: Where they are, i dont know, they are going to be impossible to find unless we were to control the entire middle east, which will never happen. All we can do is hope we can prevent them from getting near us. Their resources are unlimited as well, they are most likely ( Not gaurenteeing)  paid off by certain arab countries from fear ( possibly saudi arabia due to the fact it is the last true Monarchy in the Middle East and pretty much the entire Modern Areas of the World) since Osuma/Osama ( some call him Osuma, The News calls him Osama) probably has ran out of his funds preluding al queda's creation in the afgani-USSR wars. and probably earned more from USSR's collapse and tons of land jumping up and Russia's need to hit the ground running by getting money from somone. Whether Osuma/Osama was involved was that is in question

Thats my opinion, and I ( and the rest of the forum) would like to hear yours

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