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List Of Free Domain Providers


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The picture is missing here, but we know why it doesn't work. They refuse to set name servers until we have a zone set up for the domain. The problem is that the industry standard is for the registrar to set up first, so cpanel refuses to set up the zone on our server until they announce the name servers... 

The result is that both ends are stuck waiting for the other one to go first.

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Yeah. I got this information from cPanel Forums.


Perhaps this could also have an affect on the CentralNic (sub)domains. I own .jp.net so I would try it.

EU.org could not be operated due to Server Error at present.
I've been using it for a few years and this is a rare situation.


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I found this information.

The list I've seen includes Cloudflare, but it's probably causing problems with setting up a proxy. The IP address will then be Cloudflare's server.
OVH sometimes seems to have stopped processing in the queue. For example, registering an .ovh domain. It may also affect the name server.
These domains are likely to have a workaround. I also applied for a domain to Nom.Za, so I'll test it once it's registered as well.

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I tried to register on .jp.net. (CentralNic subdomain, It pays the domain fee)
After changing to the HelioHost name server and waiting for a while, I registered with cPanel, but it failed.
I feel that only the ICANN management domain works in this state.

So I changed the name server to he.net and registered it in https://dns.he.net/ .
After that, when I registered with HelioHost, it was registered.

dns.he.net reflects NS records other than he.net as they are entered.
(At least Cloudflare doesn't do this, only subdomains)

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Yeah, that cPanel topic was us asking their support about this exact issue (Krydos basically runs the place). :)

Using HE's DNS service with a domain to register it here has been reported to work for a few other domains, so it probably works with eu.org as well, but its still an extra step. These noncompliant registrars seem to be growing too, insomuch that it's eventually going to get to a point where we end up having to allow remote domains if we want to keep supporting common providers.

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I see Krydos working in chat. There are wonderful people here!

I understand that this limitation is due to cPanel and is not a personal limitation of the HelioHost administrator,
so it does not prohibit such usage.
Probably because it seems to be protected against abuse. (I also saw such a post 🛡️)
Since we are proclaiming "free hosting for everyone.", Such a flow will occur naturally. 🆓🤩)))

Recently, the variety of TLDs has increased, and cheap gTLDs have been born, that has also become a new option.
but it may be an option for fundraiser to maintain HelioHost.

There is a server next to my PC. (Operates Telnet BBS) I also touch on various web services.
Still, I registered with HelioHost and made a donation immediately.
I feel the need to do it for the future.

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Nom.Za and nic.ua have not been active since they applied. Perhaps there is a delay in human response.

EU.org also seems to be spending time maintaining the server, and registration applications are accumulating.
I applied for EU.org (sub) domain registration just a month ago.
(Registration work has been particularly bad this year.)

Given the current situation, these services aren't really working.
As wolstech says, working with purchased domains is probably the best option right now.
Because cheap gTLDs exist these days. (For example .cyou )
Of course we can also take advantage of SUBDOMAIN.heliohost.org or SUBDOMAIN.heliohost.us.


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There has been progress in .pp.ua. When I contacted nic.ua support, registration proceeded.
Still my smartphone didn't receive the SMS, so I proceeded with activation on Telegram.
Now the 3 domains of .pp.ua are in my hands.

I'll try varying the name servers for these domains to see if they can be registered with HelioHost.


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For subdomains that are not currently ICANN domains, you need to register once at dns.he.net.
.pp.ua also succeeded in registration by the same procedure.

I also use a subdomain of FreeDNS (freedns.afraid.org).
This also seems to require the same registration procedure now.
It is necessary to register NS records from ns1.he.net to ns5.he.net,
which is the limit of records that can be registered for free.
If you are already using another subdomain, this procedure will be difficult.


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I will move this topic here.

If you have any information please leave a comment.
However, even if it exists now, it should be marked as a free domain in the future. You don't expect it.

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Ah, The restrictions discussed in this topic are primarily restrictions due to the addition of subdomains in cPanel.

HelioHost currently offers a VPS plan,
if you use this VPS and your name server uses an external service, you don't have to worry about this.

This topic is over the years. This is a change due to the new service.

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HelioHost lost cPanel at this posting stage. HelioHost will now adopt Plesk instead.

The information so far is for cPanel, so you should not apply it to HelioHost shared server.

Free domain application in Plesk will be posted in the future after research.

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  • 2 weeks later...

EU.org is still working.

But EU.org admins now seem to be busy with other work.
Therefore, the registration application has been waiting for 1-2 months.

The registration process proceeded a few hours ago and was processed until early July 2021.
This comment is July 31, 2021. Therefore, about a month's worth of registration applications are still in the queue.

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