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[SOLVED]Domain Registration


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Hey there. I have a small question about HH. I registered a .co.cc domain but after a few days of research, I begin to regret this decision. A couple of antivir's are blocking .co.cc and also, Google banned it from indexing. So, I saw you have a change domain script, but is there a way to actually get a domain from you now? (*.heliohost.com) Or did I "miss" my chance?

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@Fulf be care full while using .tk.


some times they will cancel your domain without any notification to you.

it happened to me for some reason i just have added another domain

and i could't get the name back again from .tk


but it is not same for all i guess.

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So, I have changed it to http://relativitycat.heliohost.org/ but Chrome says it cannot find ... 'it'.


I logged in in my cPanel and the domain is exactly that one. Any help? Hehe.




I also tried adding an addon domain and when I clicked "Add Domain" this error popped up


Error from domain wrapper: CP-Wrap Critical Error (signal 11 from wrapped program)! This may indicate a corrupt admin binary in /usr/local/cpanel/bin/


I tried adding it again, only to be prompted with the

Error from domain wrapper: relativitycat.relativitycat.heliohost.org is owned by another user.
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