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Same issue here. All of my PHP scripts on Stevie are giving Mysql errors for InnoDB ever since it came back up from the crash last night.

userGroup::checkGroupExpiry() Fatal: Unknown table engine 'InnoDB'


This happened once before IIRC, but it might have been on Johnny.


EDIT: Also, this is probably better off in Customer Service...moving.

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Not fixed for me. i just checked a site I'm working on for someone else and was greeted by this error:

Unknown table engine 'InnoDB' SQL=INSERT INTO `ynfc4_session` (`session_id`, `client_id`, `time`) VALUES ('e8453b39b50428fe6cf17064488a8fe2', 0, '1392677754')

I have very little database experience so this stuff goes right over my head. But from what I understand my site is Joomla and needs InnoDB to be active. I checked phpmyadmin and InnoDB is not turned on.

I did a little research and apparently InnoDB can be disabled if the MYSQL logs are corrupted. I have no way of flushing the logs since I can't find/access them.

So I need help I guess to fix this problem which I'm fairly certain is a host side issue.

I can't import my database to see if that will fix the problem (like it did with the person above) since I never made a backup of it. (stupid I know, I thought I did...)

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Since yesterday I can't access my database table as I get this error: #1286 - Unknown table engine 'InnoDB' .

I don't have a database backup to recover from so I can't just drop the database and reconstruct it again like one recommended in a similar post.


My username is gsync, domain: gsync.co.il and database name: gsync_gsync.

Thank you very much!

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I've gotten the same error the whole day. (42000: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1286 Unknown table engine 'InnoDB')

I guess something happened when they restarted the server. It will probably just be a matter of time until it starts working again!


Too bad they havn't made any comment on it. Lastest news is that Stevie is up and fully functional. Now that's not entirely true ;)/&--#62;

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I've same problem...

and I don't have any backup to restore from... I'm trying to restore with very old database backup, but the backup will not use InnoDB, it will use MyISAM...


If you check in phpmyadmin, on engine tab, it's seem that InnoDB is not active and not listed if I trying to create new table with storage engine InnoDB...


hope this issue will fix shortly...

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