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Channel.heliohost.org Works, But Subdomain Like 1,channel.heliohost.org - Not, Why..?


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Yes I created them through cpanel. Sorry for the comma, that was my mistake. Yes, I use Johnny server. Well I will try to wait for tomorrow and see what happens. Any ideas why creations take so long? Thanks for support! Very fast :)

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I know this is a few weeks old, but since it hasn't been flagged as resolved, I thought I'd throw my 2-cents in. Are you still having issues accessing your subdomain? If not, congratulations, then this is for anyone else who pops over here looking for possible solutions; otherwise, there are a few things you may want to check:


First, are you getting any specific error messages when you try to point your browser to yoursub.yourdomain.com? If it is an error message, check online for troubleshooting tips for that particular error.


Second, are you are getting the account queued message? it can take 24 hours, and 48 hours is nothing to be concerned about, but if it lasts longer than that: close that browser tab, clear your internet cache, then try going to the page again.


Third, Do you actually have content uploaded to that page yet? Even when the subdomain is queued, the folder is immediately available in the cPanel file manager to allow you to upload your files. If the subdomain folder is created, but you have no index.html or index.php in it, then you'll likely see a 404 message.


And lastly, are the files you've uploaded to the subdomain folder part of a web-powered application? If so, it may need to be installed before it can be accessed. For example, I thought I'd put the full contents of b2evolution on blog.mydomain.com for more flexability and control, so I uploaded all 50MB to the subdomain, but didn't go to the /blog/install/install.php to install and configure it. So even though all the files were there, the php files had balnk information waiting to be generated by the install, but meanwhile they were returning a 404.

On a side-note. There's no point in manually uploading the entire b2evolution engine to your site. Chances are you don't need whatever extra scalability it provides, so it just takes up an extra 35MB of space vs. installing it through Softaculous. Not to mention using Softaculous to do it means you don't have to delete 70 sample posts, 2 dummy moderator accounts, 2 dummy user accounts, and 4 dummy blogs once the installation is complete. (The downside of not having those posts is that they provide great tutorials and useful tips)


Hopefully if you still weren't operational these tips may help. And if you were already up and running, perhaps they can help someone else. :)


- Cheers



the php files had balnk information


That should be *blank* information. :unsure:

I am ashamed.

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