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Heliohost is in the process of getting a new server, and we would like to let our users know how they can help! This new server will be better, faster, and stronger than all of our current servers, and will allow us to provide free hosting to even more eager Heliohost users.


Why do we need a new server? You may have noticed that our main website http://heliohost.org/ our forum http://helionet.org/ and our Johnny accounts have been getting progressively slower and slower. This is a problem! We've outgrown our current array of servers, and by adding a new server we will be able to alleviate the above problems. We expect Johnny accounts to get a lot more stable, and have drastically improved uptime. We expect our homepage, and our forums to load quicker. Best of all, we will be adding a new server that users can create accounts on to help ease the over-crowding on both Stevie and Johnny.


How can YOU help? New servers cost a lot of money in up-front cost, monthly bills, and work for our admins. We would love for our users to be able to help out with this process. Most free hosts are just schemes to try to sell you paid services, but here at Heliohost we believe that hosting should be FREE! Not just a crappy free hosting scheme with such restrictive settings that you can't actually run a real website. Heliohost is different. One of the most common questions we get from our users is, "How does Heliohost provide quality hosting for free?"

  • Donations Like most free services Heliohost relies on donations from its users to continue operation. If you can spare any amount even as little as $1 it will help. To make a donation right now you can visit https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=P63828V7WFM54
  • Ad Revenue A lot of our money comes from ad revenue. If you can't afford to make a donation you can still help out by whitelisting Heliohost in your ad blocker. If you view the ads on our homepage, the forums, and your cpanel interface it all adds up to money that we can use to continue operation and improve our services. In addition to whitelisting and viewing our ads you can also click ads that appeal to you. Clicking ads provides Heliohost with even more money than just viewing the ads. There are even browser addons that will click the ads for you if you want to install something like that to help us out.
  • Social Media As a free service Heliohost would rather spend our money on providing better service to our users than spend our money on advertising to get more new users. This means that we rely on our existing users to spread word of mouth recommendations of Heliohost's services. The easiest way to help advertise Heliohost is by using social media to let all of your friends and followers know about us. You can like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HelioHost-133105633434140/ You can follow us on twitter
    and you can even give us +1 on google plus if you use that https://plus.google.com/116755433050903410191
  • Write a review Setting up a new website, or moving your existing website to a new hosting service is a lot of work. People want to know how good a host is before they go to all that work so writing up an honest review of our services is a great way to help out. If there's something you love about Heliohost let everyone know. If there's something you think we could improve on let everyone, especially us, know about that too. There are hundreds of host reviewing websites on the internet in every language imaginable so it's beyond the scope of this news post to start listing them all. Just get creative in your google queries. Post about us in a group that you belong to. Let people at your school know about us. If you speak a language other than English we would love for you to write recommendations to use our service in all languages too.
  • Help other users Did you know that Heliohost admins are volunteers? Did you know that any Heliohost user can be promoted to admin simply by being helpful and answering the questions of their fellow users on our forums http://helionet.org/ and our http://www.heliohost.org/home/support/chat IRC channel? With the addition of a new server we will need even more admins to help out with the added numbers of users. Now is a great time to earn yourself that promotion by being helpful. Not only that but the best way to learn about all of the tricks of hosting is by trying to help other users. Ask any of Heliohost's admins and they will all agree that they've learned a ton and gained all sorts of useful experience by being an admin. But wait, there's more! Being a Heliohost admin is a lot of fun too!

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the new server we would love to hear from you. Thanks for being part of the Heliohost community.

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