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Hello i'm from the city of Montreal, wich is in the province of Quebec. I wonder if there is some peoples that know all the steps, of things to do and things to not do; to bring a book to life and make money with. I have created some free pdf books oriented to a software that is called Futurepinball at: http://sylvain.heliohost.org/creations/futurepinball/guides.html , and i'd like to create a book in french about the same software but make money with; helped by a publishing house of my city. I think the subject about it posted in Art and Entertainment here correspond, because it is need some art about creating and publishing some book.


There is many things i dont know like:

The zone size of the page that you can put some text and image into. Because i read online some peoples say there must be some space between the border of the page; and the inner zone where you put your content. Dont know things about housing publishing, book author; bref many things about all the steps. Like when the money come declare it to the gov, because of the federal and provincial taxes; like when you make some money (gross salary to net salary). Ive asked online some peoples, but they all say contact a publishing house for it. Id like to know some book authors that could help me free, with there experiences.


What make me believe that this kind of book that can bring my self some money, it's simply because of the great comments on some other forum not on helionet but else where; about my total free pdf guides. The process make me scared, because for me it is the unknown; scared also to do false steps wich could bring me some problems. As some authors that i read online that lost there money life and life because of it. The thing ive finded that might help peoples as me about free tools to create a book is at: http://www.48hrbooks.com/Free-Book-Templates , It have some cover book calculator i have not tryed yet, some infos and some templates.


Also free tools, free guides and free legal softwares on the subject could also help me. Thank's for your time to read me and help!




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Is there are peoples in the province of Quebec into Canada, that have free informations and experiences with knowledges about the software Scribus 1.4.8 to create books and guides that is printable. Why Quebec, because i would like to have the knowledges to write an accepted manuscript. Like informations about the images size and quality? What is the police fonts that are accepted, what is the size of the police fonts to write? How to create a front and back cover of the book? What way to know or calculate that X amount of pages, what thickness of the book it does. There is so many informations to know. Is there other free legal software that can be use to create books. If you have informations about selling only in Quebec (because of the tax and finance declarations to be legal in my province). Brief what ever informations you have that you can share free would be great.

Thank's for your time and help.

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