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Deleting A Help Thread Topic


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I created a help topic in which I listed details of my domains names etc - I now regret!


Especailly as it now comes up in Google Search under my business name.


Can I get the topic and its thread deleted from the forum?


Happy to give the web adress to the topic.



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I can edit the post if it's important to you to have your domain removed from our forum. Post a link to it.


But the other guys are right. Usually any links to your site are good links as long as they don't come from known spam sites. Since helionet.org is a well respected and old source on google and other search engines, having a backlink on our site will actually boost your search engine rankings. Sites that have few or no backlinks rank much lower. People usually pay quite a bit to have backlinks such as you have from websites like helionet.org. The reason the Helionet results rank so high is because, like I said, we're well known and respected by the google algorithms.

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