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[Solved] Java Servlet Regularly Shuts Down


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Hi all,


Wonderful service so far, really happy with this website.


I'm running a Java server on Tommy, and I notice that it gets restarted or put to sleep regularly. Is this intended? The server I'm running was designed to run constantly. I need to regularly access a servlet page in order to keep the matchmaking service running.




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Apache restarts whenever needed (domain updates, etc.) on Tommy, and I believe Tomcat does the same, so yes, servlets are subject to restarting without notice.


Krydos would know more and might have an idea what's going on/how we can make this work for you.



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Tomcat needs to restart occasionally. Sometimes it goes days without needing a restart and sometimes only a couple hours. It's kind of random when and why it needs to be restarted. During each restart there will be a minute or so of downtime where you will probably get a 503 error. The last restart was about 6 hours ago. I have an uptime monitor on tomcat and it's usually about 1% lower than the server as a whole.

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How about a cron to call your page every minute? Even though we restrict cron in cpanel, we can set it up externally at much greater frequencies as long as the script to be called can be triggered by visiting it in a browser.


If that would work, post the URL we need to call and Krydos can set that up for you.

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