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Where are you from?


Which continent are you from?  

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Well a lot of people in the military get posted in other countries, just wondering why you decided to move, thats all. :D


i just felt like traveling a little by myself before i settle down and find a job and get married...i imagine traveling, which is something i love to do, won't be the same once i get settled...

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Cool that sounds nice, I want to live in a BIG city when I grow up.



where do you live currently? honestly, big city living isn't that great...big city living equates to fast living...but i guess if you go on vacations once in a while to wind down, it's alright...

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I live in NSW Australia 4 true and have been living there for my whole life, first I lived in the city then I moved up to the central coast and have been living here ever since.

Last night was really windy with gale force winds and everything and it tore down my shed knocked all the garbage bins down the street, i live in number 2 and i found number 47's bin in my driveway!!

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