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[Solved] Account archived due to inactivity

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Your account was deleted due to lack of space. When we run out of space on a server the oldest accounts are deleted to make room for people who are actually using their account. Sorry for the inconvenience. I have sent a Tommy invite to your contact email address so you can create a new account, and restore your most recent backup. 

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    • By aigarspl
      I know situation what's currently happening on HelioHost. I'm glad that you got things cleared out by changing control panel to Plesk (I can't wait to see new possibilities coming by Plesk).
      This time I type here because I noticed that my website got archived.
      Maybe, since it's already archived and I could host site on my own server while things get setup, can I ask for that archive?
      Details to identify:
      Account: sttest
      Site: sttest.tk
      Hosted on: Ricky
    • By novafox
      Dear sir/madam
      I recently donated to Heliohost and got my Tommy invite. I'd like to add an ASP.NET website I built with Visual Studio to it but can't figure out how. The website stated that the Tommy account has ASP.NET support. Could someone help me out with setting my server up so I can get ASP support?

      Kind regards,
      Robin (nickname: novafox)
    • By robertzo
      To the those who complain when they get suspended for high server usage. Heliohost is a FREE and an AMAZING host that tries its best to provide unlimited hosting.
      If you do need more space and storage then maybe you should have hosted an Apache server or a windows IIS server (both free) on your own computer and then you can get all your resources to yourself. Then you would be able to see that what you are hosting is slowing down everybody's hosting accounts making them not able to appreciate this AMAZING FREE HOST.
      Sorry if this is harsh but Thank You.
    • By robertzo
      When I did a speed test with Gtmetix I found out that my website loaded in only 1.2 seconds with a TTFB of 963 milliseconds. That is really fast considering, 1 I did not optimize the speed of my website, 2 I used WordPress, three I have a ton of different posts, and 4 this is a FREE hosting. To compare that a website hosted on a good webserver in Hostinger (a paid shared hosting plan) with nothing on it had also had a loading speed of 1.2 seconds.
      Thank You Heliohost for this High Quality Hosting.
    • By robertzo
      I just have a quick question?Can I point my domain to the Heliohost's IP adressess instead of the nameservers? I am just asking.
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