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[Solved] Account Delete Request


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Dear admins,


Can my account,rmurthy, on Johnny be cleaned up so that I can create another account with the same email account and sub-domain(pusuluri)? I also have a domain pusuluri.info.tm that needs to be cleaned-up, just in case it has to be done manually.


Thank You.

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@Luigi: The DNS may still need to be cleaned up. Deleting it in the admin tools doesn't fully remove an account belonging to a broken server. On the upside, Krydos is running a script to flush the DNS for the dead Johnny accounts, so it’ll likely get cleaned up on its own.


I’ll verify this was fully cleaned up when I’m home later. I can’t use WHM from an iPhone...

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Thank you for the help.


I am assuming the reason for not being able to signup with same user id rmurthy is due to this incomplete account cleanup. Please let me know once the cleanup is done and I will reclaim the user id.


Meanwhile perhaps you can remove the Solved Tag so this ticket still gets attention.

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Thank you @wolstech. Didn't remember that I did not have to create forum account manually.


I am able to create the account now. Just wondering... Could the new forum account rmurthy be deleted and my current account rmurthy2 renamed back to rmurthy without affecting the hosting account? Not that I have too many active posts... Just checking.


Moreover, I just realized that I used another email id(unfortunately I am soon to lose access to this email) to request the account. Could my email be changed in Cpanel. Will pm you my email id. Sorry for the mixup.

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