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[HH#814786] problem with SSL


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Username: neptunus, Server: Johnny, Main domain: neptunus.heliohost.org


Hello! I have a problem with SSL, just opened account and everything went

OK, but then I saw there was already some kind of SSL, but seems, like it

not worked. I tried to install another one. Had some problems, but to the

end I got it installed. Seems like OK, on server is green icons etc, but

if I turn domain to https, it is red and sais that something is invalid or


I have installed several times different SSL certificates, usually is all

OK, but now I should ask help. Maybe You can help me.

Thanks! .

PS it is http://neptunus.heliohost.org/




*Kalju kaljukass@gmail.com *

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Did you wait several hours after installing the certificates? They can take a few hours to start working once installed.


As of now, you either don't have any certificate installed, or have one installed and it hasn't taken effect yet. Verify it's installed and try viewing your site over HTTPS again in a few hours.

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Thank you for the help. Now really everything works. If the error was a short waiting time, it's something new to me, I did not know it takes so long. In past it usually was ready in a few minutes.
Anyway, it works now and I can start to investigate what can be done here.

The problem is now solved.  :)

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