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It is free, its not vista and it wouldnt work for vista that i know of :(

Basicly it cracks a dll that MS uses to make sure you cant use unreg'd

themes with XP, so its great cause it uses no more memory and cpu

than the normal XP theme, unlike desktop-X or window blinds, which I

have used both of. and theres actually another cool one that i know of

for XP that i used to use called xoblite aka black box for windows.


edit: heres some screens of xoblite


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Ok, thanks. I have XP on my computer too (not used as much though), so I could use it for that...


I'll take a look at xoblite, but what are you actually using?


You said "straight xp" in your first post, but searching that on google doesn't turn up much, so are you just saying that you aren't using a themeing program such as those that you mentioned above?





Now I get it, I think. You make a change to some dll and then you can use any theme you want. What theme are you using? I can probably find out how to "fix" the dll.

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lol :lol:


Yes what i ment was im not using a skinning program. What I used to crack the dll was called

UXTheme Multi-patcher.


Btw you'll be happy to know they have one for Vista ;) ... I did a little research.


Finding the themes I'll leave up to you though.

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