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#1 HelioHost



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Posted 15 April 2019 - 10:50 AM

Username: carlan, Server: Ricky, Main domain: carlos.heliohost.org

Hello friends of HelioHost

I've known your hosting services for many years.
and recently I have a site with you,

But it is too slow and has much latency for Portugal.

I have a VPS (1 cores and 4 GB ram 40GB SSD) with OVH.COM but I'm not satisfied,
has good speed, good SLA, but no cpanel and no possibility to make backups (paid service).

I need to set up 3 sites in wordpress:
1 professional website (4/5 pages + blog),
1 site for my curriculum (single page)
and 1 project site to help unemployed people have a web presence with a beautiful online curriculum in HTML (with only 1/2 pages).
A job that I will do for people for free.

I would like to have a VPS with you,
helped in your fantastic project,
my great doubt is your speed and latency to Portugal ...

Do you have any way to test this? And could you give me that info?
Can I test this?

Maybe you can give me some suggestions, I appreciate.

A strong hug and continuation of the excellent work.

Carlos (CarlAn)

Enviado do Correio para Windows 10

De: HelioHost
Enviado: 15 de abril de 2019 03:48
Assunto: Fundraiser for New Server

Fundraiser for New Server

Hey carlan,

HelioHost has created a GoFundMe campaign to purchase a new server!

- Anyone who donates $5 or more will have their shared hosting account storage doubled to 2000 MB.

- If you donated during our last fundraiser and already have 2000 MB, another $5 or more donation will increase your storage to 3000 MB.

- Whoever donates the largest amount will win a beast of a VPS for six months with 16 GB memory, 8 cpus, 300 GB hard drive space, unlimited bandwidth, a dedicated IPv4 address, and your choice of operating system. That's a $318 value!

Our servers are getting pretty old and slow so it's time to buy something newer and faster. The server we will be buying has 128 GB memory, and dual xeon processors with a total of 16 cpu cores. This will give us plenty of speed and room to expand our services in the future. We will install our new server, that we're going to name Sparkie, in our cabinet within a professional data center located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Please make a donation, and share this GoFundMe link with all of your social networks as well. Thanks.

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#2 flazepe


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Posted 15 April 2019 - 10:56 AM

AFAIK, you can't use cPanel on a VPS without having a license (or a trial license, I guess).

#3 Krydos


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Posted 15 April 2019 - 07:11 PM

Flazepe is correct. In order to use cpanel on a vps you would need to pay an additional $15 per month. A lot of our VPS users pick out a free control panel like VestaCP instead since cpanel is pretty expensive.

You picked Ricky which is our oldest and slowest server so I can totally understand that wordpress isn't going to run well on that server. A VPS would be much faster and much better suited for what you're trying to do than Ricky.

What I can do for you is if you go ahead and signup for a VPS at https://www.heliohost.org/vps/ Pick out the amount of memory, cpus, and hard drive space you think you're going to need and hit submit. I will set up the vps for you and install wordpress before I give you the login credentials. That way you can test the speed prior to buying it. If you're satisfied with the speed and uptime over a couple days of testing just go ahead and set up the recurring payment in paypal for the cost of the VPS you picked out and I'll give you access to log in. If you would like to try a couple different configurations, for instance more or less memory, that's fine too. Let us know how we can help.

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