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Hello. I'm me and I hail from Maine, USA. I'm here 'cause I somehow ended up being the guy who runs the weekly guitar thread for guitar players at another site. It turns out, we need more features than the site offers and that's how I ended up here.


I should probably be on a more stable server, but I don't much mind. There's nothing I do that's so important. If you wish, I will play you a merry tune. I'm actually a trained classical guitarist but nobody pays money for that, so I pretty much have played everything but.

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Welcome to the community!


Thanks! The rabble are already grumping about the site not being available. Meh... They'll get over it.


I shall share with you a merry tune - it has two mistakes but you may not notice them:


Cover of Eruption - Van Halen:


The amusing part is that I'm an old man.


These tracks don't violate copyright, but I'm not sure if Helio is interested in the potential hassle of having to differentiate between them. So, I've not uploaded any to the server. I try to not cause any issues.

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The donation I made to HelioHost has exceeded the Google Cloud Platform. 💴

When I entered Discord, there was a person asking if I was Japanese. Yes, it is. 🗾
After that, it became a Japanese language course for a while.

I have unsubscribed from some of the free hosting I registered today. It was registered a few years ago.
I also know web services that are free to use. Firebase, Surge, GitHub Pages, Vercel, Cloudflare Pages, ...
I made a donation the day after I registered for an account. Will the money turn into a new server?
But I want balloons. 🎈😍

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I AM Tejendra K Pun. I am from Baglung, Nepal. I am 23 years old.
I have completed my graduation of Bachelor of Education English in the year 2022 from  SAPTAGANDAKI MULTIPLE CAMPUS.
In My Family, there are my mother, 1 youger brother. And 2 siters.
my mother is a housewife, my brother is Student.
My hobbies are listening to music, Reading books for Knowledge Improvement, and Traveling.
Along with my degree, I wanna learning HTML, CSS, C, and basic python, javascript.
My strength is Hardworking, self-motivated, and easily adapt to the environment.
My short-term goal is to place in a good company.
My long-term goal is to become a good position in that company.
I don't have any experience yet, I'm searching for a job, I'm a fresher now.
That's all about me.
Thank you.

233090867_2335031206632291_2423517505252667118_n-removebg-preview (3).png

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