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[Solved] re-installing Perl Modules on Tommy


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Dear SysAdmin,


I am putting back my cgi's on tommy, and noticed that there are missing Modules

so I went to https://tommy.heliohost.org:2083/cpsess2244074712/frontend/paper_lantern/module_installers/index.html?lang=perl

and try to install YAML::Syck module for instance

I have the following error:

```Testing connection speed...(using fast method)...Done Ping:1.00054121017456 (ticks) Testing connection speed to ftp.yzu.edu.tw using pureperl...(cached .. 4004.49 bytes/s)...Done Ping:1.00051999092102 (ticks) Testing connection speed to ftp.arnes.si using pureperl...(cached .. 3809.34 bytes/s)...Done Ping:1.00037431716919 (ticks) Testing connection speed to cpan.lnx.sk using pureperl...(cached .. 3664.60 bytes/s)...Done Ping:1.00043797492981 (ticks) Testing connection speed to ftp.carnet.hr using pureperl...(cached .. 3586.73 bytes/s)...Done Ping:1.00057315826416 (ticks) Testing connection speed to mirrors.nav.ro using pureperl...(cached .. 3539.96 bytes/s)...Done Five usable mirrors located Ping:1.00098657608032 (ticks) Testing connection speed to using pureperl...(using cached speed)...Done Ping:1.00148677825928 (ticks) Testing connection speed to using pureperl...(using cached speed)...Done Ping:1.00158524513245 (ticks) Testing connection speed to using pureperl...(using cached speed)...Done Three usable fallback mirrors located Fetching http://ftp.yzu.edu.tw/CPAN/index.html (connected:0).......(request attempt 1/12)...Resolving ftp.yzu.edu.tw...(resolve attempt 1/65)...@ success......Done Mirror Check passed for ftp.yzu.edu.tw (/index.html) Checking C compiler....C compiler (/usr/bin/gcc) OK (cached Sat Oct 19 17:17:57 2019) Tuned C compiler not available because it is not enabled....Done





Do we have gcc set on Tommy for perl install, not sute what to thing because other module installed properly (??)

here are the list of the Perl Module I was using on Tommy :








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update: sorry I didn't see the complete message ... it states module is up to date so I think I am fine ...
Method: Using cpanminus YAML::Syck is up to date. (1.31)


I was confused with the "false positive" error message for the system installed module

you can "CLOSE" or "DELETE" this topic, thank you

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