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[Solved] Is DKIM enabled when sending email?


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DKIM has already been configured automatically by Cpanel which has already put the key in the DNS zones for my domain, however, when sending emails to another email address, the .eml file does not contain any field DKIM-Signature or similar. Does it have to be added specifically?

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Try sending an email to https://www.mail-tester.com/ with some real looking content and then post the url to the result page. The contents of the email will be publicly visible in the report, so don't include any passwords or anything like that.




Here it is. The only real problem showing is that there is no DKIM signature.

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DKIM isn't working because you're not using our nameservers. https://bybyron.net/php/tools/dns_records.php?domain=foti.eu&rec=NS ns1.heliohost.org and ns2.heliohost.org.


Yeah, I'm not using the heliohost nameserver but why does it need that? I've added the MX record and the TXT record just as it appears in the CPanel zone editor





I don't know if you remember, but you've actually already replied to one of my questions some weeks ago where I asked some help to configure heliohost as a backup mail server to my domain that still points everything else to another server. I've added my domain (foti.eu) as an addon domain and managed to send and receive emails.


Shouldn't the SMTP server (or whatever it is that stamps the signature) still include the DKIM-Signature? Why would it look for nameserver settings?

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Using our nameservers is the supported way to do things. That means we provide support if you do things this way.


Using external nameservers is an unsupported way to do things. That means we do not provide support if you insist on doing things this way.


That said, I was feeling helpful (and a little bored) so I logged into your account. There was a message something along the lines of "cPanel has detected 3 inactive DKIM domains that have valid configurations so they have been enabled." That's not an exact quote, but I tested your email and it seems to be working now. My guess is cPanel detected that you didn't have DKIM set up on your external nameservers at one point and oh so helpfully deactivated the DKIM on your domain. Anyways, here's the report that shows a valid DKIM https://www.mail-tester.com/test-j23wf I didn't actually do anything other than log in to your account and click the "Email Deliverability" button.

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