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[Solved] I can't login to my Tommy account


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Recently I noticed a Tommy invitation in my mailbox, so I followed the link and created an account on Tommy server with the following info:
username: th
domain: hamza.heliohost.org

email: th6@pm.me


but when I try to login with email or change the password it redirect me to Ricky account

when I try to change password it change Ricky account password
when I try to login with username "th" it doesn't recognize the password.

Ricky account info:

username: th6
domain: th.heliohost.org

email: th6@pm.me

Can you solve the problem so I can immigrate back to Tommy?


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An admin can manually move your account to Tommy, since I think you're a Tommy user prior to the Tommy rebuild, that's why you got the invite.


And the problem you faced was bcuz of the fact that you've created the two accounts with the same email address.

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The system can't tell the accounts apart because they both have the same email address (which is supposed to be impossible). Not that it matters because you're violating our terms of service by having two accounts anyway.


Delete the Ricky account here: http://heliohost.org/classic/support/scripts/delete


After that, log in using this link instead: https://tommy.heliohost.org:2083/ , username th and your password. Use the forgot password option on that cpanel screen if you need to reset the password.

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