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Johnny Done


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Johnny has been rebuilt on Sparkie, and as I type the first accounts are being transferred over to the new server.


We have done considerable upgrades to the new version of Johnny, and we're excited to see what he can do. We increased the memory by 108%, and increased the CPU speed by 45%. Johnny also has all the latest software versions just like his big brother Tommy. We're hoping to be able to increase the time each day that we can offer free signups. The goal is to offer unlimited signups each day on Johnny, and continue to have limited signups on Ricky and Tommy to keep them stable. We have to turn away literally hundreds of potential users eager to try out our free hosting every day simply because our servers don't have enough capacity to support everyone that wants quality free hosting. This new Johnny server should go a long ways towards fixing that issue.


Free signups on Johnny are still closed while we continue to restore all of the existing Johnny accounts. Accounts that had java enabled already will not have to wait in line for java again, and those who were in line to receive java will still be in the same position in line. We'll make another news post once all the accounts are restored.

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