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Google Drive issues


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Seems like Google is having issues with Drive, at least for Brazil.

I'm trying to download the latest restream.io's OBS fork but since the binaries are hosted on Drive the downloads always chop at the middle (even using wget doesnt solve the problem).

Anybody else over the world experiencing issues with Gdrive too?

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    • By saile
      Hello, this is my first time posting so I'm not sure if its the right place, I apologize if its not. However I have several questions. I would like to use Cloudflare, but in order to do so, it says I need to change the namesevers on namecheap, (where I purchased my domain name),from ns1.heliohost.org and ns2.heliohost.org,to adelaide.ns.cloudflare.com and kirk.ns.cloudflare.com What would happen if I did this? Would I still be able to log into HelioHost like normal?Would I still be able to get to my email which I access through HelioHost and Cpanel? Would Cloudflare start hosting my site instead?I'm only interested in using Cloudflare because it allows me to get an SSL padlock on my website (which is under construction) in a fairly straightforward manner.  Thank you.
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      Hi Heliohost,
      My username is Zekus.
      I am using Tommy server.
      I cannot send mail from Outlook/Gmail/Mailgun SMTP, which is working with my local WAMP. This is the error I received. But when I commented "$mail->isSMTP();" from my php file, it is working but an email will be sent to Junk mail.I did try both port 465 for SSL and 587 for TLS.Here is my PhpMailer code.
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      Hi everyone,
      I'm not sure if all you people are aware of this google has updated its search engine algorithm ( the update is called as penguin), well this penguin has turned out to be a nightmare for most of the sites that used spammy techniques to gain PageRank, its a major step by google to create a spam free SEO environment.
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    • By jje
      A new European law is coming into force which means that websites must make their users aware of what cookies are and receive some form of consent. Although HelioNetworks (HelioHost and HelioNet) is based within the United States, I would like to clarify how we use cookies at HelioNetworks. By using our services and browsing our website, you are giving consent for us to place cookies on your computer.
      In case you are not already aware, cookies are little pieces of information that are placed on your computer. We use cookies for a variety of reasons, such as analytics, secure logins, etc.
      Below is a list of cookies which we have picked up on. Please be aware there may be more that we have not noticed. The below list my change at any time without notification
      Cookies from heliohost.org
      A randomly generated session cookie
      Cookies from helionet.org
      Cookies from cPanel (stevie.heliohost.org:2082, johnny.heliohost.org:2082, etc)
      Cookies from doubleclick.net (Advertising - see the website for details if any)
      Cookies from getclicky.com & in.getclicky.com & static.getclicky.com (Analytics - see the website for details if any)
      Cookies from invitemedia.com (Advertising - see the website for details if any)
      Comments are welcome. Thank you very much.
      HelioNetworks Administrator
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      Not trying to spread FUD. If you would like to research and then comment that would be great.
      Simple request and note:
      1) Despite how some feel about Fox News they are a major news outlet
      2) Fox is only posing the question - you decide
      3) I like Fox. Please only comment on the topic of an Internet Black Out.
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