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[Solved] Suspended: tommygun

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tommy (pre meltdown)








Thanks for the service you guys offer, I really appreciate it.


I'm having trouble re-creating my account after the trouble on the Tommy server.  I downloaded a backup of my data, followed the steps to sign up and validate again, then after clicking the validation link, waiting for the account to be set up, I logged back in to find I was back to the recovery page.  


This one:

"That account has been backed up and then taken offline due to extended maintenance on the server that you were on. Occasionally we need to rebuild our servers to keep them operating at peak performance. "


I repeated the process to find the same thing happens, so I'm reaching out for support.


If it's too much trouble to fix this account, could you simply remove the DNS entry for tommygun.heliohost.org?  I should be able to then re-use that domain on another account!  It's the domain that's important.





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The domain tommygun.heliohost.org has been cleaned up.


Invite sent.


Please check your email for the invite to complete creation of the account. If it fails again, please let me know and I'll have Krydos manually scrub the domain. The killdns script has had issues clearing out domains on a few accounts...

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