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Looking for developers to work on an open-source project

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Hello, everyone! I'm going to start a new project which will be a programming language. The structure of the language will be like PHP & Java. It will be built using any one or more than one of the following languages. It will be an open-source application and run either via Console or Apache Module (later via IDE or Runner Application like Java). Anyone who wants to work with me and has knowledge in the following languages can contact me or comment below to discuss how to start and progress. The application will be built using C/C++ (and obviously the Apache Module). We'll start from a simple language by writing a simple Lexer, Tokenizer & Parser for the interpreter then we'll continue to improve the language constantly. If anyone wants to join me can give a reply to this post or send an email at sagnikganguly2012[at]rediffmail[dot]com along with his/her GitHub Username after that he/she can start contributing to the following repository:


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