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Is there a possibility to use a remote synchronization? The point is that I update my pages at local computer and I suppose it would be quite useful to use a tool like rsync instead of manually uploading the updated files.


Thank you,



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I'm not exactly sure what you're talking about, but I think this'll answer your question. Go to 'FTP Accounts'. Go to the FTP account you're looking for and click 'Configure FTP Client'.

There should be instructions and stuff there. Also, click on the 'Web Disk' button and go from there.


Neither of these have worked for me :angry: but I think they should work for most people.

Let me know if that helps.


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Thank you, boresha. However, my question was not about FTP configuration, but about remote synchronization. I try to explain again: I have my web site files at my laptop and I have uploaded them at heliohost. Then I change some of these files at my laptop and in order to commit these changes at heliohost I see two possibilities:

1. Find all the files I have changed at my laptop and copy them at heliohost using ftp/sftp/web disk client.

2. Copy the total web site at heliohost overwritting the old files.


However, both of these ways are not convenient, as in the first case I have to remember exactly which files I have changed, and in the second case... it's just waste of traffic + it does not delete automatically the files I have possibly deleted at the local computer. So, what people usually use in this case is a remote synchronization tool. It compares the local and remote files and sends only the difference between them. I suppose that one of the most popular remote synchronization tools is rsync (http://rsync.samba.org), so I am wondering whether it is possible to use it at heliohost or not. I think it would be useful for many users.


Go to 'FTP Accounts'. Go to the FTP account you're looking for and click 'Configure FTP Client'.
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Hi Everyone,


if rsync is not supported, what would it takes to enable rsync over rssh (see also [1], [2])
and alternative could be to use scp (via rssh too)

or to used git over ssh with git-shell the cPanel's git is not configured that way : still required a shell access (see [3])



Could one of these options be a solution ?

if it requires to much extra effort to set this up and maintain it I can propose and allocate support and volunteer working time on this.



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We intentionally don't provide shell access and do not plan to change this (it's not just for security, but also for load control since our servers are both older and have substantially more accounts on them than those found at a commercial hosting provider...the last thing we need is someone deciding to do something dumb like run a crypto miner and hog the CPU or RAM).


If you need shell access, you'd need to buy a VPS instead: https://heliohost.org/vps/ You get full root access with that, so rsync, git, and anything else you could want can be used however you want, but the obvious downside is that it's not free.

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