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Server Ports on Wiki

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I notice that there's a new (since I last checked) wiki. Trouble is that it seems to be missing the one thing that I always checked the wiki for, which was the table of server ports for connecting over SFTP and similar protocols.


I found the specific port number that I was after by looking in the configuration of another PC, but for the future I'd really like that info restored on the Wiki, and I think I'll save a copy this time - the Wayback Machine didn't even capture it!

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@Krydos https://github.com/HelioNetworks/heliohost-wiki/pull/7


Also, there was a small fix needed in the "Contributing" guide. You've to select "I write my content on GitHub" for first synchronization and not "I write my content on GitBook" as the guide stated, otherwise your GitBook space won't sync with the GitHub repository. It has been fixed.  

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They probably just haven't been worked, considering there are far more important things to worry about (like Ricky).


Also, FYI, in one of your open requests this part is no longer accurate. The free Tommy sign up is available again and has been for several weeks. It's still far easier to donate than to get the free one though. The number of accounts per day varies, so we don't publish exact numbers as to how many are offered per server per day, but it's usually somewhere around 1-5 accounts per day for Tommy.

Tommy is one of our fastest and most stable servers, with its hardware being amongst the newest 
between our servers. Tommy has a high uptime of 100% and it cannot drop to anything lower
 than 99% uptime. Because of its stability and speed, it is recommended to anyone that needs a 
fast an stable production server. The only problem is that since Ricky closed \(for maintenance\)
 a lot of people decided to move to Tommy lowering its uptime to under 99% which is unacceptable.
 So they had to close the free signups. The only way to get into Tommy is to make a small donation
 of at least $1 and you will get a high quality Tommy server.

The win-acme tutorial looks nice :) That ZeroSSL page was long overdue for an overhaul. (For the curious until the PR is merged: https://robertzou1234.gitbook.io/robert-zou/management/johnny-ssl)

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