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[Answered] How can i point a subdomain to heliohost, but maintain the domain pointed to another service?


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I am trying to point a subdomain to heliohost, maintaining the domain pointing to another service (google).
I want to point the subdomain campus.example.com to heliohost, but maintain example.com pointing to google.
In the domain administration, I create an A register pointed to the shared IP address, but when I try to create a subdomain the system tells to me that the IP of the domain do not point to any heliohost address.


Thanks for your help.

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You must use such a subdomain as your main domain. You can change that here: http://heliohost.org/classic/support/scripts/domain


Addon and alias domains require you to use our name servers.


Also, please keep in mind that we are unable to provide support for any account that does not use our name servers. Many features of cpanel (mail, webdisk, anything DNS related, etc.) will not function if you use an account this way.

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