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Peoples that are on Heliohost more than 10 years


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Hi there


I'm posting this topic in Other Discussion with the title of: Peoples that are on Heliohost for more then 10 years


For me i'm with Heliohost from January 2010, so i can say it's more then 10 years i'm with Heliohost.


My free personnal website is:



Here is an old image fiew years ago, about some of my visits stats on my free personnal website:


I wonder if there is peoples that is on Heliohost for more than 10 years as me. That would like to put there heliohost url here and indicate from what time they have started to be on Heliohost.


One thing for sure without peoples help, time, services and supports; my free personnal website would be nothing. So it's impotant for me to give my thank's to all of you.

Thank's for your time to read and post.



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Yup i was wandering if iam the only one that is with Heliohost for more then 10 years. I have think it might be interesting for peoples to know who is with them for such a long time.


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So i think we are rare peoples then, that are here for more then 10 years. I'm glad to still be with you and that my free personal website sylvain.heliohost.org is still here.

I still have not received some plesk invitation, i guess there must be many things that the admins must do before? I wonder how things are going with plesk, i'm probably not the only one who wonder?

Beside that just to give to the peoples, that simply want some news from me. Well i'm trying an other software called Nicepage. It's a software to create some webpages, but you must be online to create the pages. This because if you want to put some elements on the page, the elements "data" that you want to put on the pages need to be downloaded.

I do some page creations experiments with it, this to create an other free guide(s) but about this software. I have as they say "the green light" from them to do printscreens images to put in the pages of an other none-official guide(s). The Nicepage company also know that my intentions are good. I do no money at all and not intented to, as said my website is simply a basic ordinary free website for my friends and other peoples.


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